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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Something To Think About

Moral principals - so differently defined by different philosophies, ways of life, religions - perhaps the golden rule being one of the best: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you - a very good one.

Have you ever thought about - given your life experience, your ideals, wishes, hopes and dreams - what are your moral principals and what would you say based upon your life experience would be the best moral principals for others to follow?

This isn't exactly homework but it's something to think about. If you do want to submit something here in the commentary area - feel free.

I would suggest that it would be good to take into account the nature of life here - most importantly your experience and what you would see as unifying principals. In short, how are we all alike, what would we all want and need and how would you address that with moral principals?

I grant that there are many religions and philosophies that have addressed that fairly well but since this is a blanket suggestion, you can either pull from all of them or you can provide your own beliefs. Something to think about this weekend.

I feel that in these changing times in which people are insisting - and rightly so that they be treated benevolently and many others are insisting - and I believe rightly so that they be allowed to treat others benevolently that this is something good to think about. I'd be interested to know what you might have to offer.



Anonymous said...

Hi rob, this is Bobby angel, and before i schpiel, I want to commend you for taking the nonmental approach to your way of operating because i think (and deeply feel!) that the mind in a way has gotten us into trouble in our "western" civilization. menatally we grasp the concepts of "Thou shall do or don't/do unto..." etc., but when we truly feel it is when we can stand up for what is truly benevolent for ourselves and each other. We "practise" religions/philosophy, and even philosophies, but to the 9-5 "business" world, and I include politics, systems of gov, education, even science/medicine here, we uphold our "ideals in these institutions and through the "moral" bath water out with the baby! We have to apply religious/ moral ideals not just an hour on Fri/Sat/Sun or when we are being held captive by our so-called "holy" people, or while chanting/meditating/praying (for those practising alternate religions etc.)- we must apply our wisdom every moment now, and what we know best for our self, be inclusive, not EXclusive. I have practised 2 major religions, and now find distaste fro"organized" religion in that it only propagates the male dominated hierarchy that I believe glorifies and deifies the "MIND" instead of acknowledging the true power, the feelings, the warmth, the love- what we have in common that keeps us civilized really; that let's us do whatever the heck we want (unconditionally), and despite the misery, suffering and senselessness that we create, let's us find out what is right or wrong for us as individuals and as a civilization (patiently). thus spake a verbous Angel (and thanks Isis for the help!).

radicalove said...

Hear hear, Robert and Bobby both! Well said. Seems to me the Golden Rule, as you noted, Robert, sums it up better than anything; I also feel that the term Living Love (for both oneself and others -- that tricky delicate balance!) says a lot as well...

It's not a tenet in itself, but I've always loved the saying, "The Buddha's in the kitchen stirring the soup," illustrating that natural, organic Spirituality's Intention is that of lovingly Seeing To the needs of All Life. And I've long felt a desire to plant some seeds by throwing the term "Original Grace" out there, to hopefully help offset certain...things.
*grin* Am sure there's other as well but I'm posting pre-coffee on impulse and better "see to" that first...

Love to everyone!

Love Susan/radicalove/Shadowflash

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you so much Bobby and Susan for sharing your insights and your wisdom.

I can almost see Budda in the kitchen stirring the soup, Susan, it's a wonderful sight and Bobby I do appreciate your explanation, exploration and demonstration of how you feel life could be here and the way you see moral principals in action in the hearts of all beings.

Again, thanks to you both for your participation.