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The Wand Position
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Friday, June 02, 2006

Something For You To Think About

Feelings are difficult at times aren't they. Oh yes, we have wonderful feelings but there are other feelings that are hard to fathom much less to understand.

The mind is not intended to understand feelings - is that not strange? There is a reason. The reason is it is the mind's job not to understand feelings because then the mind will want those feelings to be predictable - in short the mind will want to quantify feelings so that they can be completely understood but the mind is intended to be in conflict with feelings. Why would Creator want us to be like that?

There is a strong attraction to the mind isn't there, and yet it is feelings that literally keep us alive. The birth rate exists because of feelings - love, attraction, mutual affection and the mind can attempt - as many have tried - to define love.

It can define attraction in scientific terms but only if it is separated from love but if we consider that love is the attracting element that works only insofar as there is mutual attraction from both parties and that those parties want to be together, want to be in contact - then we can understand how something like the great pyramid can exist for so very long - not just because it's a massive weight of stone but because those who fitted it together managed to find stones that would be happy to be together - does that seem trite?

In my experience and from what I've observed - planets stay together because every aspect of that planet is happy and has love for every other aspect that it is in contact with. This could be called harmony and yet why do we have so much disharmony on the planet.

Everything on this planet and the planet herself are in harmony except for us - why aren't we in harmony?

As I've said before, this is a school - we are here to learn - we are here to understand the value of harmony and we are here to observe the common ground of all life. We've been placed here, I believe, so that we can discover that the mind is something that can do great things yes - but the mind can also hold opinions that are so diametrically opposed to others that there is a attraction to proving one is right.

Harmony has no such attraction. It is only based on feeling. I'm going to pose a question for you - something I'd like you to think about this weekend. Look up harmony in the dictionary wherever you live. Notice the intellectual description and also consider - perhaps harmony exists because all that is in contact with everything else is individually attracted to that which it is in contact with - thus making for harmony.

Then consider that the mind wants to be right even if others can absolutely prove that it is wrong. We know that this is so because our institutions are filled with people including those who have committed criminal acts who believe they are right and will go to great lengths to prove it.

I am not saying everybody in a criminal institution is crazy - what I am saying is feelings may be more benevolent and more likely to have a capacity for harmony than a mind that wants to be right.

So, something to think about and comment upon if you like. Feel free to make comments here - they are always welcome. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

You wrote:
"but the mind can also hold opinions that are so diametrically opposed to others that there is an attraction to proving one is right"

I think this is not only a grand statement of understanding, but a springboard for much thought. And now, I am thinking.

We do this so often don't we? We think we have to prove we are right when there is actually no consequence to another believing we are not.
A natural question is why do we feel that there is such a large consequence when none exists? An easy answer is that we do not believe strongly enough in what we say we believe.

But, I suspect there is more.....wonderful and thoughtful post.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you my friend for your always insightful comment and your scrutiny of the ramifications of what is written as well as its eventual expression in action, thought and deed.

Patrice said...

Looked at the moon tonight, a small crescent in the sky with a foggy atmosphere around.Felt so good. Just no words, happy that we have the moon in the sky and that it changes shape everyday, not always a round white globe.

Then thought about the logical explanation why the moon changes shapes,...people think that's the reality because science can prove it's true.

But in fact, what I see and feel is just our friend the moon making up her face differently everyday to give us fun.

Thank you Moon and thank you Robby for writing new blogs almost everyday for our enjoyment...

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you my friend for providing us with your descriptions of beauty in your world and for your comments - ever welcome here.

radicalove said...

Oh Robert, thank you so much for framing these words precisely as you did... Of your many excellent posts this one truly Shines; this differentiation between how mind and feeling operates within us is Key, and your metaphor of Harmony will, I know, catalyze much understanding... Gives one an inkling of the secrets within the power of music, eh? *grin*

Much love and many blessings!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your comment, your insight and your ability to see through the hints and suggestions to the core of the matter.

Kirsten said...

Here I am, as usual, trying to make sense out of my feelings (so that I can think them away?) and it turns out to be a big waste of my time & energy. So the best thing maybe is to let them be, perhaps even talk them out in self therapy style (from Isis and Eileen Meyer's teachings). This is a new process, lacks 'mind control' (!), and is not so comfortable at first. Then of course no complaints about those good feelings...those can stay! Thank you, Robby!

Robert Shapiro said...

It is a mystery isn't it, the way we feel - think and then the way we think - feel and yet it is a mystery worth pursuing to the end and while the conclusion may not be logical perhaps it will feel good and in my experience when a mystery or even a novel I read to the end feels good that is actually better then it all making complete sense.

This is not unlike my experience looking at a painting - sometimes it makes complete sense, other times it is in its abstract way expressing its own form of sense but if it feels good that's what counts because ultimately that is what settles well in my physical body and in my physical world.

That's the nice thing about our world isn't it - it allows us as individuals to have our unique feelings and our unique comfort with all the different forms and all the different varieties.

Kirsten said...

Right, pursuing to the end, by then the uncomfortable feeling might shift into a good one. I would like to study those techniques for transition. I feel the same when viewing abstract art, though mostly when attending avante garde theater or the good stuff takes me places (a la Robert Wilson, Mark Morris) and may not look so conventionally pleasing to the eye, however there I am, in the audience in complete bliss, and there's no obvious rhyme or reason for this, I'm just feeling great!

Robert Shapiro said...

And so Kirsten I am glad to hear that your dance continues and that the transition is on track towards a benevolent direction.

I am sure your footsteps will be ones that will leave markers on the Earth to allow others to follow in their space, in their place as time and experience allows. Goodlife.

Dog said...

I am new to you writings Robert but feel great comfort in knowing there are people like yourself out there that share their insight and knowledge with the rest of us that are just now becoming awakened, as for this post, I couldn't agree with you more, if we as humans on this plane could only overcome our ego's, how easy it would be to attain the balance needed.


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Dog for your comments and sharing your point of view here.
All these comments including yours are valuable since they express a community feeling and a accumulated life experience.