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The Wand Position
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Friday, June 23, 2006

More On Seeing Energy Bodies For The Beginner And Beyond

Have I ever mentioned to you about practicing seeing a energy body - perhaps I have.

For those of you who can do this you can read on down a couple of paragraphs but for those of you who have not heard about this, this is what to do.

Practice with a tree or a mountain top or something that has a clearly defined edge as compared to what is behind it you see. A tree might have that if you were looking up at it towards a cloudy sky or even a blue sky.

It can be anything. It can be a young tree or an old tree. It could be a wall, say a block wall. Something that has a contrast to what's behind it and that what's behind it is preferably part of the natural world meaning not man-made but it's alright if it is man-made and it is - say a solid color - preferably a lighter color so you can see the energy body.

I wouldn't recommend starting by looking at human beings who are standing in front of some lighter colored something but for those of you who've had a little practice in this - you could but it has to be somebody you feel good about and somebody that feels good about you, that's all.

For those of you who haven't done it look at that object whatever it is, then look slightly above - perhaps a little bit to the left or right of the object and begin concentrating your point of vision slightly above - just slightly above or slightly to the left or right of what you're looking at.

Now some of you might see or notice beneath the point where you're looking a lighter part of the view. If you get the impression of that - don't look at it at this point. Rather, continue to move your point of view up or slightly to the left or slightly to the right but up further from what you're looking at.

What you're going to notice is that beneath the point you're looking at but above or slightly to the left or slightly to the right of what you're looking at is a brighter area. Remember if you look back down to see this glowing energy body it will go away - that's because you're training yourself right now to learn how see it and in training this is a perfect example of how you have to let go of what you're doing - you see. It's also a good way to train on how to let go of any attachment to the outcome.

So what's going to happen is for many of you, if not most, you'll see this lighter area. Then what you can do, if you like - now those of you who know how to do this can pick it up here - is to stand back a bit further if you can and look at that tree or look at that wall and again focus on what's above it and what you'll see is a glow from the entire top of the wall.

Again don't look at the wall, just look above it and that's how you train to see this energy body. It is around everything but when you train like this you can see it easier - okay.

So for those of you who've been doing this for a while it is now time to try looking at human beings, if you haven't already done it but only those that know you're doing this and that feel good about you and you feel good about them.

You don't have to be a couple, that's alright too but just be friends or feel good about each other - that's all - so that any exchange of energy is benevolent for you both - that's why you see.

Then again when you're looking at a human being, now if you're just starting to do this don't do this - this is the advanced material for those of you who already can see this - if you're looking at a human being then see if you can have them stand or sit in front of something that is pale or lighter colored then that person.

Now what you do is you look at the perimeter of their body - most likely you'll look from their head down to their shoulders and so on.

I find that when doing this kind of thing that it's good to begin with the left side of the person. It doesn't have to be their left side of their body just from your point of view it would be to the left of them and/or if you prefer look above them or look to the right, it's up to you. I find that looking to the left is easier or looking above them.

At this point you're not looking for colors of energies but you can look for just the energy, practicing it the same way as you've done before or the same way as described above and see.

Just do this for about a minute or two at the most. If you happen to notice a color then you can interpret it as follows in the case of this kind of work.

If it is green, a light green it would represent healing energy that is either coming from that person and you can simply see it or it's coming from a being who is providing healing energy and you can see it or it may be coming through you from a being and it is doing good for you both. That's the way to look at that always.

If you happen to see any other color it is most likely going to be something like blue or a light blue. That would have to do with a soothing or healing of the mind energy and would come in the same way as mentioned.

Other colors that you may see from time to time are gold or yellow. That would always have to do with a activation and support of Earth resources - by that that means anything having to do with Earth including anything having to do with your physical body and is often associated with expansion in the physical sense. By expansion I do not mean in volume but rather in capability.

Those are the main colors you're likely to see around a person when you begin seeing colors. If there are other colors and you're not sure what they mean you can ask and I will provide what I am able.

I just wanted to get you started on this and for others who have read about this or begun, to give you the next step as I said I would. We do try to build on things here and it is my intention to always provide a little more so that you can feel the sense of your own value, an appreciation of our world and the knowing that there is spirit in the most loving way looking after us all here.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


samuru999 said...

This is wonderful. I will try it. You are wonderful!
Thank you.

Robert Shapiro said...

And thank you Margie for your attentiveness, your embracing of what is good, kind and benevolent around you and for passing that on to all whom you care and love about and life itself. Goodlife.