The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More About Your Bodies Physical Language

Announcements are often made here of events coming or even circumstances that are present. I do that not to be the herald but more to help you through these times which I know are a struggle very often, and sometimes totally unpredictably.

When you have many things that you can do, for one thing is not always enough is it, then you can help yourself and very often help others including those near and dear.

Of course Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer are things that I use all the time to my great benefit and I believe to the benefit of others. So I support that. I have of course, shared other things with you here and I will continue to do that since I feel that it will be helpful. In that light I'd like to share something today.

There is a capacity that many of you have that you don't know you have and that is a capacity to feel inside yourself - to actually feel inside yourself. You don't stick your hand inside your body, you don't have to - but you can focus on feeling yourself from the inside out. There is a reason.

Not only might you feel warmth which is often felt as a physical feeling of love which I've mentioned before on this blog but also there's a chance to find out what's going on in your body if you're not sure.

Of course I want you to see doctors and chiropractors and others too - look after your needs - but sometimes there's something going on in your body that's not associated with a disease but it's an ongoing feeling or it's something that's just plain - a mystery.

So this is what I'm going to suggest. If there's anything mysterious going on in your body which you just can't figure out or an ongoing condition - perhaps for which you're receiving treatment - see if you can become consciously aware of that physical part of your body.

You'll have to feel inside your body - it's a feeling you know - physically.

If you wish, you can hold your hands over that part of your body but if you do - try to bring your sense of touch inside your body.

Just before you do that say this Living Prayer is what I suggest. You might say, "I am asking to receive a word or even two words that will describe a feeling that this part of my body is attempting to communicate to me or it can describe a thought but only in a word or two so that there's a good chance that I'll get it."

That's the Living Prayer. I grant it's a bit earthy but it's important for it to be plain.

Now, I want you to also consider that one of the clearest places that you will actually sense a word or two will be from your left side. Some of you will sense it right around the physical area of your left ear. Some of you might get it from someplace else. Now I grant that this may not be absolutely accurate for many of you but it's worth trying.

So that's my suggestion for today. Try it out - see what you get and see if you can sense what that part of your body is trying to tell you.

Remember your physical body speaks with physical feelings first and foremost and sometimes as you try this on for a while - this method, you might be able to recognize the physical feeling and its associated meaning after you try it for a while.

If you want to get a better understanding of how that works see if you can also get a feeling from some part of your body that feels really terrific - even when you're feeling absolutely happy.

Then you can recognize another physical feeling to have as a comparison point. You don't have to do that but you can if you want to try it out. I'll build on this in the future as always.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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