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The Wand Position
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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Long Touch: Feeling Beyond, Part 3

You have tried many different things from reading this blog. I have made an effort to expose you to potential talents you have lying latently within you. There are many more and I will touch on another one of those today.

As you know, we build on things here in this blog and I will as always build on this in the future. I'd like you to work on something we've touched on before but if you haven't read it before you can search the blog and see what you can locate under, "long touch."

Now, I'd like you to try something - those of you who've been wanting the next step. There is a place that exists before this time but it is physical in its own way - therefore it can be touched. This is a place where our spirits all exist right now. They exist in form however.

You all know, most of you who read this, that such places exist. We can consider mentally can we not, that we have other lives and that those other lives are happening in different time threads - so they could be contacted. I have been contacted and invited and I want to pass the invitation on to you that you can touch those other lives.

Now why do that? For one thing those other lives are living in a completely benevolent environment and touching using Long Touch necessarily screens all discomfort and only allows benevolence.

Therefore you cannot harm those other lives, because of the struggles we go through and the outer and inner conflicts we feel and have dealt with, so be okay with that. Equally you will not feel distracted with their personal feelings which could in other circumstances cause you to feel confusion, discomfort or a feeling of being scattered - nor would they want to have that effect on you - because only their benevolence can touch us using the procedures laid out in Long Touch.

Therefore I'd like to suggest that you reach - remember those of you who've not done this go back and search this blog for "long touch" alright, read it in order when you find it - now reach towards that place. I'm going to give you a context mentally. It might not be exactly what you all see in your mind's eye but it will help.

Physically if you can, reach with your left arm. If that's not comfortable use your right arm but reach to the best of your ability even if you have to use your solar plexus but I recommend using your arm - reach towards that place - reach over your head if you can or stretch your arm. Make sure that you've told your friends and family not to touch that arm while you're doing this.

Reach and feel great benevolence. Feel a sense of your self. Feel a contact with something very soft, almost like a cloud. You can feel it but it's very subtle.

Reach and ask for the most benevolent influence, support and sustenance from your total being in that place and beyond to nurture, love and support you during your now life in all ways available to you.

You may do this for as long as is comfortable for you. Afterwards if you can, take a nap or otherwise be quiet - that would be best - so try to do this at a time when that's available.

You can do it with others in a group if you like but try to keep at least six feet on all sides of you clear - that is best.

I hope you enjoy this. If you like it we will continue to build on Long Touch. Its been a long time since we've done this and yet it is available for you now. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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