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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Have You Ever Wondered...

Have you ever wondered why the world seems so complicated. Why the issues keep coming up. Why don't we all speak the same language? In short, why?

The reason "why" exists is because we are here to learn. As I've said over and over I grant, this is a school and you know - we are born with "why" literally in our blood.

The miracle of birth, for it is truly that - though it is certainly hard labor for mother, is a fascinating thing.

The child begins to explore the first chance they can move around. What do my fingers taste like? What do my toes taste like? And how often have you had the opportunity to put your finger into a little babies hand and watch babies little teeny fingers wrap around your finger. Is it not an amazing thing?

Does it not prompt you to wonder why things are the way they are? It is a challenging place here. As a school it is not meant to be a discipline. It is meant to be more of a laboratory: What works? How does it work? Why? Do we like the way it works? Do we want to improve it? What can we do to improve it? Now that we have improved it is it better than it was before? Do we want it back the way it was?

These and other questions are on our minds when we are young, when we are middle-aged and when we are old. Very often when we get older there is a longing to have things back the way they were and yet it is that very change that helps us to be able to let go of life as we see around us. Granted we love our friends and our family and they love us and yet letting go is so important isn't it.

That's why when we get old the world has changed for us and that's why when baby is born with all of those questions why and with all of that capacity to discover and all of the wonders to be found - why is important when we are babies - when we get older we haven't released why but we relate to why differently.

So many questions and not so very many firm answers. That is good though because in a laboratory we want to keep exploring why, how, when, where, who and ultimately - what. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Ilias- said...

I wanted to say what a comfort your blog is for me, and a tool for growth as well. The compassion in this one gives me permission to be confused by all of the experience, and to not try to figure it all out in one fell swoop. Thanks and as you say, goodlife.

Robert Shapiro said...

You are very welcome Steve. I appreciate your acknowledging that it's alright not to know. So often we are confronted and yes, even demanded to know something - to know the answer - to even know the right question.

It is important isn't it to give ourselves permission to not know. Yes, to be receptive to knowing but to allow that knowing to come about in a benevolent way without rushing pell-mell with complete abandon towards the knowledge regardless of the outcome.


samuru999 said...

I do not always have the answers to the puzzles of life.
But, every day my life is so fulfilled with joy in seeking the answers to my pathway in life.
Life is so good... and, I am so truly blessed to have peace in my life.
Thank you for sharing all your beautiful insight to life!

Robert Shapiro said...

For Margie,
Wisdom is not always knowing is it? Sometimes it's knowing that we do not know - that alone is liberating.
It does not cast doubt upon our character but rather acknowledges that we are striving not only to learn, not only to apply but to achieve benevolent application that we might add to our wisdom and compliment the wisdom of others as you do my friend.