The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Familiarizing Your Thoughts And Feelings With Safety

Your lives are treading upon new territory. Much of what you say and feel and do will be that which is new to you. I know there is a desire to have a sense of security, peace and yet at times there is the pleasure of excitement.

Excitement however does pose an attraction to risk as well as experiencing it even when experienced in an artificial fashion such as in a movie or other such entertainment.

I'm going to suggest that since your lives are encompassed now in attracting the physical qualities that you wish to experience and that causes you to feel safe that it would be a good time to have another, as I like to call it sometime, actors workshop and this is an actors workshop that is for those who are more than actors, those who are actors, those who are other than actors - that's alright.

Here's your performance that I'd like you to try for today - imagine in your mind being completely safe. It might be a situation where you are recalling a circumstance, it might be something totally imagined.

If you can create that as a thought then see if you can experience it as a feeling and then, here's where the acting part comes in, see if you can be so engaged in it as a thought and a feeling that you feel as if you are literally emanating it like the light from a light bulb throughout the space in which you are currently occupying.

It might be a quiet ride on a train perhaps. It might even be a quiet moment on a bus, long from your stop. It might be completely in private in your home or some other quiet place.

It is good to begin this practice on your own or quietly. It's alright if there are other people or even pets there but it's good to practice it.

I'd like you to give it a try for about two or three weeks whenever you can do it. I feel it will provide for you not only a sense of relaxation in your sometimes harried world but because it will help you to familiarize your physical and mental state with that feeling you'll find that you'll be able to bring up that feeling and thought process at times when it will not only put you at ease but will actually perform the function of safety.

Safety is not only a condition, it is not only a set of circumstances, it is an actual broadcast energy and while I do not suggest that you attempt to broadcast it - the more you feel it, the more you train your thoughts to be engaged with that which causes you to feel safe and allow your feelings to support your thoughts of safety - so you will naturally emanate that safety.

It may not always protect you in every situation but it can be protective in many situations. First try the experience with it for the next two or three weeks whenever it's convenient and then begin to use it.

It isn't meant to be a substitute for being careful and cautious and paying attention to your circumstances in your world but very often it can by its very emanation create a calmer and even yes - at times, a safer experience of life for you.

Give it a try if you like. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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