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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Mutual co-operation is a cornerstone of how we function here on Earth. I know it doesn't seem that way very often but in fact there is vastly more co-operation then there is conflict.

Now you might say and perhaps not unreasonably that you might at times find that hard to believe and yet when you consider the complexities of human society and how we all weave and interweave in and out of each others lives, sometimes noticeably - very often not so noticeably, there is a massive amount of co-operation.

What we take to be coincidence, I believe, is not coincidence at all. In fact I do not believe in coincidence as a separate phenomena. I believe that what we call coincidence is truly co-operation.

There are many ways of course to look at life here but in my experience the slightest alterations in our plans for the day which most often are unconscious - meaning we don't think about them, we just do them - are examples of co-operation.

How many times do you drive into the parking lot looking for a space and you think - I'm going to turn to the left for a space and find yourself completely unexpectedly turning to the right, not because of the traffic flow but you just do it and you say - now why did I do that? Very often, in my experience, this has to do with some form of co-operation.

Perhaps whoever turned to the left found the space because they needed it more urgently or perhaps it goes the other way. Perhaps when you turned to the right you found the space because you needed it more urgently. This is very often the case.

I realize that using a parking lot seems mundane and yet as I have observed - I believe that many, many times, more so then we consciously think about, such things occur - little things that we don't think about.

So the next time you're feeling unlucky because you didn't get that special space in the parking lot, maybe you were unconsciously co-operating with one of our fellow beings here who needed it more even though it may not always be obvious why. So consider, just consider - maybe co-operation is much more common then we realize.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


samuru999 said...

You are inspire me
Thank you.
Always such beautiful words!

Robert Shapiro said...

And thank you Margie. Your compliments are like golden feathers - attracting, fluttering, flying - allowing the sun to shine through and light them up.
Thank you for your poetry and your comments of life.