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The Wand Position
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Monday, May 08, 2006

Spiritual Tune-Up, Part 3

I have been speaking about this tone experience we are all going to have. Some of you have been having it and you weren't sure what it was.

Thats part of the reason I wanted to bring this up over these past few postings on Benevolent Magic so that you would know that it is something valuable, worthwhile and you can feel that sense of welcome which will help it to function in your physical body and make that greater bond between your physical body and your soul.

It does not mean that anything unpleasant is going to happen, just the opposite as I've been saying. There is one other factor that is good to know about this and that is that the affect on our physical body will also contain a physical factor.

One of the reasons many people on our planet are either overweight or in some cases underweight is that the consumption of food does not always feed our hearts and our physical bodies.

Sometimes it is a substitute for what is missing in our lives and in other cases for those that are unable to get enough food there has been not only an inability to obtain food but an inability to obtain food that is nourishing - that feeds the heart and soul as well as the body.

This chime is going to allow a sensation in our physical body where those who have enough to eat will no longer feel a sense of physical hunger when their body has been satisfied and will no longer become big or sometimes called overweight. A lot of that weight will simply drop off.

This is going to allow over time - not immediately but over time a redistribution of food resources because the food will be needed all over the planet. This is not going to impact anybodies business nor is it going to cause suffering, rather it will have just the opposite effect. The physical bodies that we are in will know when we've had enough to eat or will not only know when we need more to eat but it will allow - because of the impact of others eating less that those who need food will be able to eat more.

This is an actual physical thing. It is not something that is strictly a redistribution plan. It is physical. I'm bringing this last part of this effect to your attention because many of you will notice that when you've been hungry in the past that you do not seem to be as hungry anymore and it is something that is alright.

It is safe. If you are concerned you can always go see your doctor but it will prove to be a safety thing for us all. In time I will say more about these matters but that is all for now and soon I will speak of other things.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

As a nutrtitionist/educator, Rob, you're info couldn't be more timely or well-received; not to mention, I am too, trying to lose weight! I did have a dream last night about ringing my aunt's door bell (chime- the word you used), and it registered a few hours later, but I don't remember the actual sound! Any how, I have been having singing dreams lately. I need to stay away from so much sugar as I think metaphysically a concern of mine is to "stay sweet" (something a guide of mine told me decades ago), ie, be compassionate to myself and humanity which is a tall order sometimes, and a breeze most of the time! Please note: I register as anonymous, but it is me, angel, Bobby Angel, robert Minolfo, but I am button challenged as my partner humorously tells me, and I don't have a Blog, not am in a position at this time to manage one! You are very inspiring, but you're preaching to the choir so to speak!

Ilias- said...

All this about food and I was writing about sugar, and binging, in my own new blog. Thanks Robert, your blog has inspired me to open my voice with my own blog. Hope you have time to stop by and visit. Oh, and then two nights ago, I definitely woke up to a ringing noise just like you said. It was a low kind of "O". So what do we do with that sound? I mean is this our "note" or is it just something that happens and then that's it? Well, the sound lasted for like quite a few minutes, I don't know 10 or so while my sweetie slept. And I was thinking of going to play it on the piano so i could remember but then i just couldn't see waking her and her roommates because i was hearing a noise. And then of course i don't have any knowledge of music or anything. Well, anyway, thanks.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Steve, thank you for your comment. It is good to hear that you and others are experiencing the tone or chime as I've referred to it here.
I don't know for a fact all the different bits and pieces that you'll experience as a result but I have mentioned one or two in these postings. I will say more about it as the wisdom comes to me. Feel free to share your experience as well.
Thanks again for your comments and I will of course check your blog.

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Bobby, it is good to hear from you again and I do understand about being button challenged. I cannot tell you how long I kept away from computers and computer world but now I am making the effort to feel my way through the patchwork of button world.
While it might have seemed to be a minefield to me once now it looks a bit more friendly. It does take time though.
Thanks again for your contributions here.