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Monday, May 22, 2006

Speaking And Listening

Consider the implications these days of your interactions with others.

There is something that is blooming within us all and sometimes it can take us by complete surprise and that is that our sense of caring for other people knows no boundaries.

You will find that you will be almost as concerned for people that you don't know at all as you are for friends, family and loved ones.

This is part of the continuing addition to our heart energy that is being supported by Creator, Mother Earth and our overall Soul energy - this is what I've been taught and it is what I believe from my experience.

You'll notice this most often in unexpected situations - perhaps you'll be on the bus or in a circumstance where you're most likely to meet people who are complete strangers, as far as you can tell. You won't recall ever having met them even if they seem to have some vague idea of who you are.

Perhaps they've seen you on the subway or have noticed you down the hall from a large office building - and what will happen is that these people will start to talk while you are in transit from one place to another for instance, and they will say things that might seem very personal. They won't be talking about you but they will be talking about their lives.

I want to make a suggestion here that I feel is really important and that is to listen. That's your homework really because for some of you this has already happened, alright and yet there will be other opportunities for it to happen again.

The most important thing you can do when this happens with someone speaking to you is to listen - not just be quiet while they're talking but to actually listen if you can. If they actually ask you, not just if you think they're asking you but if they actually ask you, "What do you think I ought to do" then if you have had experience with what they're asking about - you can if you choose, offer up what you did in your version of that situation but please do not tell them what they should do.

The reason I mention this is not because I don't think you know how to talk to people but rather because in our ernest desire to help people these days there will be times when people will ask us for help and we really do not have any wisdom or knowledge to offer.

On occasions like that the first thing to say is, "I haven't had any experience like that before so I have no personal experience to offer but I'd be happy to talk it over with you if you want to discuss it further" or something like that - you see.

Yes, people need support and yes sometimes the best support is guidance and wisdom from another but very often the best support is listening - not just being quiet - but listening so that when the person does say something, you know what they're talking about - you've paid attention.

Now this isn't just going to happen from somebody talking to you - you see - the other shoe falls now - and that is that you will find that you will start talking to somebody who as far as you can tell is a complete stranger but there may be some feeling in you that you can speak this way.

When you get that feeling go ahead - you don't have to tell them your innermost intimate secrets but just speak and what might happen is that you'll give them permission, you see. Permission is something that is sorely lacking in our society.

I know, many of us think there's too much permission but when it comes to speaking our feelings and our experiences, very often there's almost no permission but that time is drawing to a close and it is being triggered by our sense of caring about other people.

Well, I felt I wanted to let you know about this and I hope it is of some benefit. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Kirsten said...

Good stuff, Robby,

Useful too. I already do this to a certain extent, but could always improve on my listening skills! I enjoy and benefit from any insight, given by you, pertaining to relating to others.

Thank you!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you as well my friend Kirsten for your comments, your support and your friendship.