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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Seeing, Yes, We Can See Now

There is a time now when you will all find a most unusual circumstance in your lives. You will find that people all around you are feeling a greater sense of wonder about their environment. You might reasonably wonder yourself what brings this on - I will tell you.

I have described from time to time in this blog about things I have seen as well as on the blog I also have, Mystical Man. You are all coming into a time now when you will be able to See.

By this I mean you will see things that are there. It is a fact that we all have capabilities. Sometimes these are well understood and practiced by everyone such as having a premonition and then the thing that we believed was going to happen happens - such as the phone ringing when we actually expected it to ring.

These things are accepted as part of life even when we hear about someone lifting a car off of somebody and we know it's not possible and yet you hear about it with some regularity.

There are many other things we can actually do. One of them is to see things that are there. These will not be terrible things - they will not be frightening. They will simply be things that are a part of life. They are perhaps light beings - what I call light beings you understand - meaning a brief flash of light that is usually quite small but when you've experienced it, almost immediately thereafter you feel a very wonderful calming energy that is comfortable.

I feel I want to let you know about this because as time goes on, and I have mentioned this before, you're going to experience this more and more. It is important to know that it is normal and it is a portion of our normal existence - what we experience every place but on this planet.

We have all been praying, wishing and hoping that life would get better here. One of the quickest and easiest ways for life to get better here is for us to experience life the way it is other places, other than this planet. This planet is a school, so it's hard but other places are permanently on recess - thats the way we'd feel about it if we were there.

It isn't that we're being punished here. We're here to learn things that we will help others with someday in other lives on other planets but for now in order to have some of what they have on those planets, we need to experience heaven on earth and one of the ways is to remember who we are. This is what I believe is occurring for us now.

So when you start to see those little lights and have those good feelings know that heaven on earth is coming slowly. If it feels good remember to welcome it. Simply say, "Goodlife" or "Greetings" or "Welcome" if it feels good. Thats what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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