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Friday, May 26, 2006

Mistakes And Recovery

Have you noticed how difficult it is to allow those we love and care about to live their own lives when we feel that they are about to make a mistake that might cause them harm and perhaps even cause others harm. I'm not talking about something catastrophic or something illegal, I'm just talking about a mistake in judgement - as we call it. It is a challenge isn't it.

Undoubtedly every parent and grandparent and other family member has gone through this many times with the best of intentions telling this person or that person - don't do this and don't do that. How challenging that is because very often the reaction is to the negative.

This is not because the people you are speaking to are stupid - sometimes it may be that they are naive, yes, other times they might believe that they are protected and perhaps sometimes they are.

The main reason is that this is a school and when we are born here we are actually innately aware of that. Our souls are informed before we come here that this is a place where it is possible to make mistakes and to recover from those mistakes.

Of course those that we live with might be concerned that we will not be able to recover as intact as we were before we made the mistake and this is always a problem isn't it. Still I want to encourage you, when it is possible, when there is no immediate danger - allow those we love and care about - including those we simply have met and are concerned about - allow them to live their own lives - making mistakes is a possibility.

Try not to tell people what they should do but if asked or if you feel it's appropriate speak your own wisdom. You can speak about mistakes you've made and how you've been able to correct them or to survive to tell the tale.

That's alright because you're speaking about your own experience and your own wisdom as a result but since our souls, as I've been taught, have been told before we came here that we can make mistakes here and learn from them perhaps it's not good to prevent our loved ones and friends and others from making mistakes especially if they are recoverable.

It's a fine line isn't it, to know which ones are recoverable and which ones are not. That is something that requires observation, wisdom and yes, experience. I wish you all very good experience along these lines and I have heart for you in these times and on these occasions.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Sharon said...

I think that we learn the most from our mistakes. As we are meant to. I know at times in my life when I have wanted to do something having someone tell me that I was wrong or making a mistake just made me that much more determined to try it for myself. Which leads me to believe that the lesson learned was something that I really needed at the time.

Kirsten said...

Having just come back from a week long visit with my sister and her family in Denver, this post is most appropriate. My youngest niece is heaven personified, a walking talking feeling machine of love & light, and also so happens to be autistic ("high functioning"). So of course I have tid bits of wisdom pearls & tools for healing and sharing that I've collected on this spiritual path of mine. No one asks so I have to remain silent, and I am reminded that although Quin is my favorite person in the whole wide world she is not MY daughter. Thank you for confirming this which I know, and have already been channeled by Isis.

Robert Shapiro said...

Sharon, thank you for your comment and your wisdom. Yes, how often can we all remember being told not to do something was almost an enticement.

Kirsten, thank you for your comment as well. I can feel your frustration and appreciate how you have respected the wishes of others even in the midst of those feelings.
Goodlife to you both.