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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Inspiration In Us All

Vocations of life are not always what our jobs are. Many of you know this and so do I. The vocation is very often something that you do off the job. You'll notice this because your friends and sometimes your family will notice that there's something that you're particularly good at.

Sometimes this becomes a hobby - other times it becomes something that you do even without thinking.

Have you ever noticed, perhaps you're having lunch with somebody or you're just talking with friends and someone poses a question or talks for a while about their troubles and you suddenly find that without thinking you begin to speak and the person when you're done speaking says, "Wow, I never thought of it like that" or something along those lines - in other words that they take it very well and the interesting sidelight to this is that you don't really remember what you said because you weren't thinking.

You were in fact speaking with inspiration. Now there are other forms of functioning with inspiration. We all hear about, in the news from time to time, the person that lifts the car off of somebody else and afterwards they really don't remember it because they acted with inspiration and there are other versions of this.

Sometimes people create products - they create things - tables, chairs and they don't really think about it and when they're done they stand back and look at it and they're not really sure how it came to be. This is another version of functioning with inspiration. I believe that inspiration is a key element in our makeup.

I feel it is that which unites us with all creation and the needs of all other beings in our world. I also feel that this kind of inspiration is coming much more to the fore for us all.

You will notice in the coming weeks, to say nothing of months that you will feel inspired to do things. Sometimes it will take courage - meaning that you might have to speak up - perhaps at that business meeting you have weekly at the office and you rarely say anything but there may be a moment of silence in which no one seems to have anything to say or the question that the boss has proposed receives only silence even if the question was sarcastic and you might find suddenly that you are inspired to say something.

I'm not saying you are to go out on a limb but if it feels alright and if you feel the inspiration just let it come out. It may not be a wisecrack in response. It might be something useful, something that people will actually know and experience and be inspired as a result of your inspiration.

The thing about inspiration is that it often inspires inspiration in others. This is a wonderful trait I feel Creator supports and nurtures in us all and I also feel that inspiration is growing within us all and will be more presently available for us all and we might even be inspired by others. So when the moment strikes feel free to pass it on as well.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Ilias- said...

I want to address this first part about vocation and job. I wonder if you have any suggestions for how to combine the two, so that a living can be made doing what one loves to do. Given that the vocation might be some creative art, how can it become a paying job. Even if it is inspired it may be new, unrecognized or difficult to create income? I am speaking of myself and my art, but think that this must surely touch the concerns of many as well.

Robert Shapiro said...

No one can tell you now what to do, what direction to go. My feeling is this - you are an Artist first but you are also a role model for those you teach.
It is good that you are exploring yourself from the inside out however ultimately in order to show your students that you believe in your art I feel that it is important for you to take as many steps possible towards putting yourself out as an Artist. It is perfectly alright to get a job on the side to support yourself but consider yourself an Artist even when you are teaching no matter what your title even up to Professor.
You are an Artist and as an Artist you are showing your people what the life of an Artist can be. I feel you can make a living doing this but first you must decide what you are.
That's my advice.
Goodlife my friend.