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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Honoring All

There has been a worthy question posed. The question had to do with whether animals on Earth are here to learn anything.

From what I've been taught and what I've observed and how I've interacted with animals over the years I would have to say no and yet it prompts the question doesn't it - then why do they suffer so much?

You have to consider how much the animals suffer as a result of our needs or our lack of interference on their behalf. How many stories do we hear and know about that shock us and we want to improve the quality of life for animals.

Please consider saying the following Living Prayer by first centering into your heart and saying it from a loving place. If you would say, "I am asking that all animals, fish and all other non-human beings on Earth live in the most benevolent way and are supported in that by all human beings."

Now lets not overlook human beings. After a good five minutes at least, say the next Living Prayer too if you would. Remember - center into your heart so you can say it with the most love you can muster. "I am asking that all human beings on Earth be acknowledged for their value without their having to prove it and be loved, honored and cherished in such a way as we will all appreciate and feel the benefit of this."

Life on Earth has many challenges and we are surrounded at all times by beings who love us. Yes Spirit, yes Creator, yes Angels and yet how many other beings truly love us so much that they're willing to either take on discomforts that we might otherwise take on - such as our animal and pet friends or that they might sacrifice their lives - such as trees that we might have furniture and other comforts.

I know that with all of us here on the Earth - we need things. We need food - we need to live and yet perhaps when there are less of us here that comes about in a completely benevolent way, then we will not demand so much from this planet and those others who live here. I know this seems perhaps like an unrealistic hope but there are people working on good things that will bring this about and it can be done benevolently.

If you like you can say this last Living Prayer too, "I am asking that all beings on the Earth always have enough to eat, shelter that they need and comfortable lifestyle that is supported and honored in the most benevolent way and expresses itself in the most benevolent way and is appreciated by all."

Someday life will be better and those of you who read this and put these things into practice I know are doing your part to bring that about.

In my experience animals are not here to suffer but they are here to show their love for us just like the plants and Mother Earth herself. I know that we can honor and love Mother Earth, the plants and the animals and I'm sure with some effort we can treat them better.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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Ilias- said...

Beautiful Words, Robert, thank you.