The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Insight and wisdom often go hand in hand. One has insight and then applies with experiment the knowledge that follows. Wisdom comes about as a result of discovery - what works. Therefore wisdom is the knowledge that you apply in your life because it works.
It is important to know that because one often studies the wisdom of others or is taught the wisdom of others in circumstances such as schools. It is assumed that one persons wisdom equally applies to others but this is not always the case, just as certain prescriptions and other supplements may be right for one person but not for another as every doctor knows. Wisdom accumulates gradually throughout our lives and we can in places like this share it with our friends and with friends we have not yet met.
I'm speaking about wisdom today because it is something that is now made much more available for many of you. I urge you when you're reading blogs or books or magazines or watching television or even talking amongst your friends and family - listen to the wisdom of others but do not assume that it is for you. Apply it as an experiment and see if it works for you, however it is always best to listen with your own heart and your feelings - how does it feel? Does it feel good to you or does it just seem to be true.
You may not know whether somebody else's wisdom is for you or not but it can be inspiring at the very least because when somebody is talking about their wisdom it does suggest no matter how old you are - even if you're very young that your wisdom will come someday. So pay attention to your inspiration and apply your inspiration as best you can in the most benevolent way and in time wisdom will be yours.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

Having the insight to develop wisdom is a powerful tool. Having the insight to define and describe the search for wisdom to others, as you do here, is a highly refined tool.
I salute you for taking the time to share wise counsel.

Robert Shapiro said...

Again my friend thank you for your observations, your ability to observe and your capacity to comment compassionately.