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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Something Good Is Coming

An occasion is approaching. That occasion will allow you to experience a greater portion of yourself. We are all born here on Earth with only a limited portion of our full spirit operating. This allows us to experiment consciously and unconsciously to discover more about our personalities when they are exposed to the situations we find here on our beloved Mother Earth.

There is an occasion now approaching however when more of our spirit - which I consider our immortal personality - is to be present with us. What you will find in exactly three weeks from today (4-17-06) is that you will feel something that is a physical feeling and arrives with a personality characteristic that absolutely is your own.

For everyone it will be different but it will be something that you are completely aware of - not a mystery, not something that somebody tells you about - and I'm not going to make predictions for each and every one of you - it will be different for you all.

It will be something however that you will welcome and you will recognize as something that is truly you. When you notice it and you will - be aware that it will be something that you will need to utilize with others slowly so that you can get used to it and when you get used to it you will truly enjoy sharing it.

I will say more about it as time goes on but for right now just let it be something you can look forward to and circle the day on your calendar. Now I grant that some of you will start to feel this personality characteristic two or three days before the date listed and some of you will feel it at the very last moment of that day (4-17-06) - yet you will all come to know it and enjoy it for yourselves. I hope you enjoy the experience.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Dawn said...

Hi Robert. Thank you very much for posting some GOOD NEWS. You are usually very upbeat and help us to see the positive and stretch our hearts and minds. Some people focus on the New World Order, our "prison planet," and the dark ETs of the 4th dimension. Some people suggest staying connected to our higher selves/God, staying positive, sending out love helps the planet and yourself/people heal. Others are "fighting" back with Orgonite and working with dolphins, angels, etc. What do you think of all this, Robert, and what do you think about NESARA? Thank you very much for your insights. I appreciate your very balanced thoughts.
Take care, Dawn :)

Bobby Angel said...

Hi Rob
Happy Springtide!
I feel it in my bones, and have for quite some time that things like you are surmising to occur on 4/17/06 (or around then) can and will occur. Good luck to all in the Goodlife!
Bobby Angel

Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks Bobby for your good cheer. Goodlife - and Dawn, I will answer your question in an upcoming post here on Benevolent Magic.

Hart said...
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Robert Shapiro said...

Hart, thank you for your wisdom. I appreciate you sharing your experience here.
I cannot say when Shamanic Secrets For Spiritual Mastery will be out. That is up to the Publisher and her schedule which sometimes gets delayed for various reasons, often through no fault of her own. Still, lets hope that it will be out really soon. I'm looking forward to seeing it too. Thanks for your continuing interest.