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Sunday, March 05, 2006

From Guilt To Acquaintenship

Now there has been a request and I feel it is significant because so many of us are conditioned into this state of being and for the most part, not all but for the most part it is purely a means of control and manipulation - not done most of the time out of any true malevolence but accomplished often unintentionally because of fear and that condition is that individuals - all of us yes - people - feel guilt.
Guilt is a insecure feeling that often prompts us to do things we would otherwise never have done. This is why Psychologists and Therapists can be so helpful. I do recommend that people consider these professional helpers to be part of your regular regimen. When I was very young I went to a Counselor on a regular basis. He was a good man and while he was counseling me on my career choice he also was encouraging me to learn about life and sharing his own wisdom.
Many of you have considered perhaps the Mentoring program. You will find them here and there and often located within organizations that are nearby. If you feel you have something to offer and can even advise young people that's good but I would like to suggest, since I'm not sure whether this program exists, Mentoring for adults as well. As you know, human beings do not come with a book of instructions that are provided from Creator but Creator does provide nature, the animals, the plants and yes - spirit.
This is a vast topic - the afflictions caused by uncomfortable feelings - but today I will simply say that guilt is something that - when it is caused by something that is artificial, meaning a manipulation, that this is good especially I feel to pursue with a Counselor or Therapist but if it something that you have embraced unconsciously for yourself then I feel it's important to begin something that will help you to move through that.
First of all I feel it might be useful to become aware if at all possible when you are feeling guilty. Many of you, if not all know the physical feelings of that. Try to take note and keep some kind of record for about a week or two of what prompts you to feel guilty. If it is more than three things then a good Counselor might be helpful but if it is only one thing - as someone commented recently to me on the Mystical Man blog of February 24 then I would recommend that the following be done.
I would recommend that the incorporation into your feeling body of Acquaintenship take place. Consider what you feel guilty about. The writer felt guilty because they had - in the course of planting a garden - they had cut down some trees in order to make the best garden possible and this is what I recommend for that writer.
I recommend that you go to other trees that are there in the general area and I believe you can find them. Touch the trees at the base if you can reach the trunk or if not then touch them very lightly with the back of your fingers of your right hand - not the front of your fingers, not the palm part but the back of the fingers on the trunk or on the limb or bough that is the most easily reached - particularly one that is as far away from the tree as possible. This only because you must assuage your own guilt.
Now this is what to say - I recommend. Say first, "Goodlife" - pause - see how you feel. If you feel warmth in your body then wait until the warmth fades a bit. If you do not feel warmth then just wait and when you feel you've waited enough time - no more than a minute or two - then say, "I am asking your forgiveness for removing a member of your community." If it is more then one member, say so. Then just stop and step back from tree and go on to the next tree.
If you live in a heavily forested area you can generally do any or all trees that were in a direct line of the others that had been cut down - meaning say you cut down one or two trees or more - then all the trees that would face that garden where the trees were - however many there are - you would go around and do this process - touching the trunk lightly with the back of your fingers or touching a bough that is as far away from the tree - meaning the longest bough that faces the garden - not a bough that faces away from the garden - and where the trees were. Repeat that thing as stated and you will find that what occurs is that your guilt about that situation will fade rapidly.
Acquaintenship is something that is often misunderstood. It is necessary to create contact and that is understood as in the shaking of hands with people but in nature especially if there has been an affront or at least a believed affront then the back of the fingers of the right hand is most helpful and stating something as I recommended. You will find that this will prompt you to feel much better, writer, and I would suggest that when it involves guilt about plants that this would be something good to do - or guilt about trees specifically if it is safe to touch a tree. I do not claim to be a Therapist but I do feel that this will be of some assistance.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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