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The Wand Position
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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Friends And Self-Discovery

I'd like to invite you all to try something. It is not complicated but it will require a little bravery on your part. I'd like you to consider, just consider approaching a friend of yours - they have to be a good friend alright - or at least somebody you feel good about and safe with and I'd like you to say something to them and that is this - I'd like you to tell them three things about them that you like.
Don't say if you would, don't say that you like something about them and compare it to something you don't like about them - just three things that you like about them alright. You can see why this has to be a good friend because if you approach a stranger and say this, well it could be an awkward moment yes?
So, three things you like about your friend. Don't if you would give them a preamble. Just walk up or call them up and say, "I feel I want to tell you three things I like about you and why I like you as a friend" and then just come up with those three things. Most likely they will say thank you. They might be a little bit embarrassed or they might be charmed or even appreciative about that.
I feel that this is something you can do not only to remind yourself what you value about your friend - or loved one if you like but also to remind you of your own perceptions and how you can see the value in others - and by the value in others I mean what you value in others. Sometimes when you compliment someone like this you discover not only what you like about them but what you like in general about people and you discover something about yourself.
If you want to you can say this to three different friends and just the three things you like about those individuals - you don't have to though - it's up to you. It will be a journey of self-discovery to a degree for you.
Give it a try if you like. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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