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Monday, March 13, 2006

Feeling Beyond, Part 3 - Bilocation

Greetings, now I want to complete the latest teaching we've been working on and I will put a word to it though some of you already know what it is and that word is bilocation.
Some of you have had the experience sometimes in a moment feeling deja vu. Other times an odd feeling of being in more than one place at once. It passes quickly as it can be physically unsettling when you are going about your day to day life but it often comes back as a recollection.
Most of you have the experience on a daily basis when you are asleep - your physical body remains where you are sleeping yes - but your soul travels and is experiencing to a degree also the sense of physical touch. That is why sometimes you'll wake up from a dream and you can remember feelings - physical feelings of that dream. Your soul generally does not do anything unsettling or unhappy in what we call dreams but sometimes you will remember things that are not of benevolence alright and when you have these recollections which you sometimes call unpleasant dreams or even nightmares - those dreams are not usually about the future except for those individuals amongst you who have such capabilities - they are usually about something that you are resolving.
If you have an experience like that and wake up from a nightmare, if you can, and this will help you to not go back into it, say out loud - even if you are just mumbling quietly - some factors of the dream - oh this happened or that happened, I saw this, I saw that.
Usually you will not see yourself as you look, in the dream - if you do see yourself. Know that what is really going on if you have a nightmare - you're not there but this is training for you for an afterlife experience when you will function as a Guide for others. I'll say more about that as time goes on too but today I just want to remind you that it is not typical to see yourself as you look now in a nightmare because that training encourages you in a situation where there are other Guides there, other Teachers, to observe something as a training episode of what may happen for somebody else. When you speak the words of it out loud, even mumbling after you wake up a little bit then it releases you from that experience - almost all the time and you can go on with your sleep.
Now a little more about bilocation. In bilocation you will have the opportunity yes - to experience yourself in the place where you are physically but also to utilize your physical capabilities to experience to a greater or lesser degree, depending upon how good you get at it, another place where you may be able to see and even to a degree touch.
It is vitally important that you do not touch another human being because of your sensitive situation in bilocating you can cause yourself some harm doing that though the person you touch will not be harmed. There is a safety mechanism in place so that that will not happen. If you feel that someone or something mobile perhaps an animal has bumped into you, don't worry about it. It is only if you make the conscious effort to touch someone or even an animal. So that is something for which you have some involvement. It's not something that is simply up to whim or happenstance.
So now that you know what it is called conventionally know that what it really is - though I'm calling it the conventional term today - what it really is - is utilizing your physical capacity - yes you use your imagination to a degree but this is your physical capacity to experience more than one version of physical reality.
For some of you if you are not well or going through a tough patch of your life it can be a escape that allows you to feel more benevolent or have moments of benevolence and can help you to get through your current difficulties. For others of you it will be an opportunity to apply spiritual and benevolent capabilities and I'm going to give you one little piece of homework on that today even though I don't expect you to be able to do it immediately - it is a goal alright and that is this - here's your homework - when you feel you can be someplace else - you can literally feel the ground under your feet and some of you will even be able to breathe the fresh air or have the sense of smell - perhaps fog in the distance - something like that - then look around and see if there's a tree.
It might be a low hanging limb - you will have to maintain the feeling of the ground under your feet but you can look. If you look always turn to your left - there's a reason. It is the way the world turns and you will be supported physically - it will feel better turning to your left. Always go with what feels better in this work because that is your physical body telling you with its knowledge what truly works benevolently.
As you turn to the left in that place you will not, most likely, have to make a full circle and you will notice a low hanging tree branch. Reach out and touch the branch in such a way as you can see it move just slightly. If it turns out there is no tree branch there then try another location - perhaps a forrest - and reach out and touch that tree branch. If it does not move it's alright. Thank the tree. Say, "Goodlife." If you can say it out loud quietly where you are, that's fine. If you cannot open your mouth or speak, that's fine too - you can imagine saying it in that location and move if you can to another location until you can gently nudge - not hit hard - gently nudge a tree branch. That is your homework and in time we will build on that.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

A little off topic I know, but I need to ask a question related to your experience and in some ways what I read between the lines in this post.
I sometimes suffer from what has been described to me as 'sleep paralysis'. This is a phenomena where the mind is near waking and wants to be awake, yet the body, which is actually in paralysis while we sleep, is slow to respond. A missed signal between mind and body. This creates a sense of wanting to wake up but the body will not move. Sometimes creating a sense of terror or frustration.
Any thoughts on this condition?
Sorry to be a little off topic.

Robert Shapiro said...

My friend, this is not as far off topic as you may believe for truly here you are in two places at once. Your body sleeps yes, and yet your mind is active and you are unable to exert the will of the mind over the body. Oh I am not saying that that is your conscious attempt but there is that factor.
I will be posting something later on today on this blog that I think will serve you well but to be specific to your need now let me just say that the purpose of the condition you are experiencing is to embrace in thought that you are safe. This is a form of safety acknowledgment that does not try to convince your mind of something that is not true - meaning almost propagandizing yourself - but rather it is something that is intended to project safety as a condition in your life.
I'm going to recommend you do something - I know you know how. Why don't you say, "I am safe." Try to say it when you have the opportunity to do so in various moments, not when you need to be safe in dangerous moments, but when you just have a moment where you can speak something to yourself quietly.
Then after a few days of doing this from time to time as is convenient - say it while looking in the mirror. You of all people can easily recognize the expression in the eyes of others. You will know whether those eyes looking back at you believe it.
You know, it will not immediately cure the challenge you are having in your sleep but over time it will.
Goodlife my friend.

Eileen Meyer said...

To Robert and Rick,
I feel a desire to respond here. I agree, the feeling of safety is very important in this most delicate yet powerful place of consciousness. I would like to also suggest that this point of awareness is actually an opportunity - a doorway or prelude into more lucid states of consciousness. Perhaps embrace it as a gift, rather than the more ominous diagnosis of 'sleep paralysis'. Shifting your view of this powerful place from fear to spiritual opportunity might deliver a few delicious surprises.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Eileen for your insight and sharing your wisdom.