The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Monday, March 06, 2006

Energy Is...

Energy is something that we often crave whether it is our own physical energy or whether it is something that we use or consume.
We grit our teeth and pay the high price at the gasoline pumps and we also sometimes grit our teeth and pay the price of our own beliefs. Sometimes we are conscious of these beliefs and other times we are not. Sometimes when we're conscious of them they're our beliefs based upon what we've come to acquire through our experience interacting with other people or situations or experiences - street smarts we sometimes call that. Other times we have come to believe things that are based strictly upon our perceptions and who and what we are at the moment and we apply these things as best we can from moment to moment.
Energy is also another thing - it is a felt physical phenomena. We don't necessarily have a means to identify it with words but sometimes we can identify it with feeling. I often identify it and have described here as a warmth - a good benevolent feeling but there is more to it then that. Sometimes it is a softness - for lack of a better term that I feel on my body, on my head, on my face and other places that feels like something is touching me in the most gentle and safe and comfortable way. It is a good feeling and one some of you may have experienced. If you do have that feeling - let it be, especially if it feels comfortable.
I feel we are all moving inexorably towards our natural state of being and sometimes our natural state of being is not easily described in words. It is most often described beneficially - in a way we can understand you see, by feeling - that's why I talk about it so much here. Over time I will speak more of these matters but for today I'd like to simply say - energy can be something more - it can be something benevolent and it can be something we can share in community in a benevolent way.
I will say this last thing. I feel there is an energy building that is an experience on the planet and perhaps beyond - that energy is a desire for true communion in a way that we know by how we feel - that others know what we need and how we can be served and how we can serve them. This energy feeling has been described as love - a vague sense for many of us but in other times - in other places - love is simply described as the glue that holds all things together when they want to be together and when they don't want to be together that attracts us to that which is more beneficial for us.
Ideas, experiences, feelings, places, people and yes wisdom is all part of energy. I wish for you the most benevolent energy.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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