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The Wand Position
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Friday, March 31, 2006

Creating Is Much Easier And More Desirable Than Uncreating

There has been a valuable question by Dawn in the comment section in response to my posting, "Something Good Is Coming" of Wednesday, March 29, 06. She was concerned about some unsettling things in our world. I felt I wanted to share the answer to her with you all as well - and so here it is.

In my experience I have found that no matter what other people are doing, whether it be good or not so good, that it is essential to keep your focus on what it is you want rather than how you'll go about getting it if you wish to use Benevolent Magic.

Benevolent Magic works because all souls and all beings co-operate to bring about the desired result regardless of who asks. It will not however work in order to bring about any form of malevolent result. In that way it is benevolent - hence the name.

I would recommend you consider what you want and then use the following form for Benevolent Magic, to acquire it. You might say, "I request that (then you fill in your need) be experienced by me now in the most benevolent way (pause for a moment) resulting in the most benevolent outcome" Just like that.

Try to keep it simple. Don't try to think it out in your Benevolent Magic - meaning don't try to stop something or uncreate something. Ask for what you want the result to be, you see? What is the experience once everything is completed.

If it is peace in your life or happiness - ask for that but don't try to fill in something like - I want this stopped or that stopped. It is always better to start. You may have noticed in your life that sometimes it is very difficult to stop something and yet starting is not that difficult and that is because creation is something that is always unfolding.

When the sun comes out in the morning and the petals of the flower open - if they had closed in a way the previous evening that it was not comfortable for the flower, the flower would not try to go back to the night before to make it comfortable. Rather the petals would unfold and the plant would hope that on this day when the evening comes that the petals will fold up nicely and more comfortably than the previous night. In other words - go forward. Thats what I recommend.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

That is a very powerful lesson story / analogy in the last paragraph.
Thank you as always.

Dawn said...

Thank you very much, Robert. You cut through everything and focus on the essential – going forward. Your answer is brilliant and simple, perfectly illustrated by your flower. I’ll focus on PEACE, imagine that! LOVE across our PLANET! Yeah, I’m smiling. Thank you, Robert – you’ve made things crystal clear. Take good care, Dawn

Robert Shapiro said...

I appreciate your comments as always Rick.
Thank you. Goodlife.

Thank you Dawn. Glad to help.