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Monday, February 27, 2006

Recovery From Cynicism

I have noted with a very good friend of mine, whom I have not seen for a while but who's friendship I have cherished, that during a very difficult time for him he was attracted to and supported by cynicism.
Cynicism is profoundly seductive in its nature because it does encourage and allow the individual practicing it to feel that disappointment will be held at bay. After all if one does not expect much from people, places, things, circumstances and so on and assumes - maybe not the worst - but assumes that very little can be counted on then one can be reinforced in a world of limit and difficulty, poverty and struggle.
I have known many poor people and have been amongst them at times that are upbeat and cheerful and have often admired that quality. I have seen that quality in people across the board whether they be people of wealth, of moderate means or of limited means. Still the seduction of cynicism is present as it was for my friend.
He had had a very difficult life and was struggling to achieve greater things. Don't get me wrong, he had a cheerful disposition, was funny, told funny stories and was an all around fun person to be around but on a deeper level the wound of life was open.
I do not want to suggest that I have a cure for all the world's ills but I do feel that the practice of expecting that things could get better is a discipline. I have had to discipline myself on that basis and I have been pleasantly surprised that it, in an attitude alone only without any evidence to support that things could get better - that things have gotten better for me.
I believe that some of my strong motivation to share the capabilities for us all of Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer has come out of meeting and knowing wonderful people like my friend that I'm speaking about and if he were here today I would undoubtedly suggest that we say a Living Prayer together and that would be, "I am asking that all people have the opportunity to experience an expectation that is constant in their lives that all things can get better and that that expectation will be supported with evidence that will reveal that that expectation itself is a fact."
If he were here I would also suggest perhaps that he try the following Benevolent Magic - he might say, "I request that my life improve in acquiring all things and opportunities and circumstances that will serve me in the most benevolent way and that I be aware of this service and that I experience a knowledge and feeling so that I can experience the evidence of my improved outlook and that this will all result in the most benevolent outcome" - and you pause a little bit at the end see - I would suggest that he does - and then say, "for me."
The pausing allows it to effect all beings and yet since he would be asking for himself, and this is appropriate he would say, "For me" at the end, see. Benevolent Magic does serve all beings even though you say it for yourself because when you are doing the very best for yourself in the most benevolent way others will be served benevolently as well simply as a consequence of that application of life.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

This post is worthy of a broader publication. It follows in the footsteps of Peale and Holmes, yet clearly articulates the devil that is 'negative thinking' in a new and interesting manner.
Well written and very thoughtful.
We all thank you; and look forward to good things.

Robert Shapiro said...

My friend,
Thank you for your kind words and such a wonderful compliment. To be spoken of in the same paragraph as those writers indeed causes me to feel very good. I appreciate as always your insight and wisdom and look forward to reading the entries in your blog as well.