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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Moments Of Grace We Can All Expect

When you open to spiritual possibilities many of you think of spiritual possibilities as ideas but so often they are feelings. I want to prepare you all for these feelings. Much of it will be a feeling of tremendous peace - not a thought but an actual feeling from within you. You will recognize it as a tremendous feeling of relaxation and letting go.
I know that for some of you the idea of relaxation and letting go, while desirable is not really something that you can recall on a physical basis because your lives are so intense. Some of you might identify with those moments before going to sleep and think, "Oh this must be it" and while it may very well be relaxation it is not necessarily peace. Peace is a feeling that is accompanied by a complete feeling in even - in a moment of well being.
It may be something that you will even notice after the fact. You'll say or think to yourself, "Maybe that was it." I want you to get used to the possibility of that happening because it will often happen in the most unexpected moments - a pause for a moment and then there it is. This is not something you have to earn, rather it is something that is the experience that you all have away from this planet. This planet is a school and not an easy one at that but this is the only place where we experience such a school.
Every place beyond this in all the lives we have on all the other planets is very simple, easy, loving, yes - fun. Here, we come to learn which is why we don't stay so very long. On other planets we might very well have lengthy lives - perhaps ten, twelve times the length of this but that's fine since there is no pain, no struggle, no discomfort whatsoever. Here we come to learn and learning does not mean that we have to suffer but because we do not remember who we are here so that we can literally recreate - and in order to recreate we must forget first who we are and attempt to discover who we are and in the process of attempting to discover who we are essentially reinvent ourselves or recreate ourselves. Because of that we learn new things.
I believe our planet Earth here - Mother Earth - is not intended to be a place of suffering but we have gotten out of balance so these moments that you will experience of relaxation, peace and well being are meant by Creator, as I've been taught, to remind us all of our natural state of being. It isn't some kind of experience to say - well this is the end and you're moving on to you're next life. It is a reminder and the reminder will come more frequently now regardless of our experience of where we are, of who we are or of what we're doing. This is good to know since it means that we are not dependent upon any one thought, one way of life or one belief system to have this experience.
We are not here, in my belief, to follow nor to lead. We are here to be, to experience life as benevolently as possible, to be as benevolent as possible to all life and to live as well as we can. These moments of grace that I have been speaking of, for that's really what it is, will be on you soon and some of you have already begun to experience them. This is not a one time experience. Expect it to happen from time to time and over time more often.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

Very uplifting post Robert, it offers the peace and hope you concieve of through concrete words and their meanings. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just wish Creator would let more of us in on this joke. I have emotional glimpses of this deep abiding sense (feeling) of peace at times despite my otherwise full circus act of a life. We will never have peace on earth if we don't find peace within ourselves, and Rob you are a GREAT inspiration in this regard to me, bravo, buddy!
Bobby Angel