The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Claiming Your Desires

Invoking for yourself an insight, you might try a short piece of personal advice and that is that in order to bring about a benevolent change in your life it may be valuable to insert into your physical self a simple device and that is - to progress slowly.
Now why do I call this a device? It is this. In the world in which you find yourselves now, most of you, it's all about rush, rush, hurry, hurry - not necessarily because you want to do this but rather out of necessity. Therefore I'd like to suggest something that you do that is an actual physical action and may seem a little bizarre but I feel that it is a commitment and I'm going to suggest two ways to do it.
One, for those of you who feel benevolent energies - and I think you know what I mean - when you do your meditations or prayers or anything that brings about an enlightened state of feeling within you - then during the time of feeling that energy which you will probably feel from the top down though you might feel it in your feet I recommend that you focus on that energy, breathe it down into your body or feel it strongly in your feet and while focused on the energy - wherever you feel it as long as it is a benevolent energy - meaning feels good to you - then I recommend swallowing.
You can breathe in focused on that energy if you like and breathe out, meaning feeling it moving throughout your body or you can swallow. Now let me take the swallowing one step further. In order to do the insertion this is what I recommend - you can if you know how to do this and many of you do and even if you don't in this day and age it is possible to do so with food - either with some food agent that allows you to take some portion of it and draw a pattern or a word in the food and then consume it consciously looking at the word or pattern, swallow your intention.
How do I mean that? For example, say there is a soft surface to a food you are consuming. If so write in with a implement a word, a single word or a symbol that represents to you some value that you wish to have within yourself. I'm not saying that this symbolic action will automatically create that value but it can embrace from within that value as a conscious mental activity. It is very difficult you know to actually engage your physical body in a mental way that is harmonic to both of those portions of you. Often the mind attempts to exert its will on your physical body and the mind being the student, as I see it, can do that only poorly. Whereas your physical body, able to produce and experience and observe evidence - to say nothing of following up with applications that you may provide or indicate to others - is truly the teacher.
The teacher tells you about the environment you are in and gives you physical evidence through your sensing devices and your feelings to prove that what you experience is so, at least in that moment for you. So I recommend - since I don't want you to write down on a piece of paper and swallow it, some symbol, word or sign that is appropriate to your desire and consume it.
For those of you who want a third method then you can if you have the ability focus on the creation through imagination and feelings a object - or a non physical creation - for which I will give more information on at some point if there is interest - and can lay this thing which you can use some perceptions to feel on your physical chest or solar plexus - I would recommend - oh - the length of your thumb up from your solar plexus and allow it to sink in as long as it is symbolically in your mind that which represents what you desire or need.
I do not guarantee that this will help to bring it about but I feel that the claiming of your desire symbolically, mentally and to the best of your ability physically in a safe and benevolently way might be a way to bring about some greater element of attraction within you to or for what you want.
Remember, make it something benevolent and not manipulative. All things have their own attractions. Some may seem more appealing than others at times but they may not be for you. Try to keep it then general. If you want a new car for instance, don't make it a specific type. If you want a relationship don't make it a specific person. Rather ask for the qualities that you personally would like to feel in that ideal relationship or the qualities you'd like to experience in that car or house or whatever you're requesting - you understand?
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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