The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Touching A Lost Loved One

I'd like to give you something simple to do today that will be fun. Many of you have a loved one that you miss. Someone that you appreciate and care about who has passed over. This is to only be someone who has died. It can be a person. It can be an animal and this is special homework to create a feeling of reassurance for you.
It is probably only going to work if you loved this person because there has to be a love connection and it will work best if they loved you, such as the case of a beloved relative or family member or good friend or a pet that you loved and who loved you.
If you have a picture of them that makes you feel good when you look at the picture - it has to be that - if you don't feel good when you look at the picture then just use your imagination, that's the best way there but if you can just imagine what they looked like or remember a good time together that's good - then sit down or lay down and relax and think about that for a time. Then while you are sitting or laying down reach out with your right hand even if you're left handed, reach out with your right hand and keep your hand in a relaxed form alright, not stiff and reach into - it's like reaching into your imagination - try to hold on or visualize the person as they looked and imagine reaching into that picture and touching them.
For some of you, you will get an actual wonderful warm feeling because since this person loved you or since this animal loved you they would have left some of that love for you after they passed over. Try it and you might find that this will be not only reassuring but will give you as close as is available a sense of contact with that beloved person or pet.
I hope this works well for you and you enjoy it. Goodlife and goodnight.


Tellervo said...

Thank you Robert, my out reached hand felt like it had no weight and was drawn forwards. I got enormous warm feeling of love and heard the words; "I love you too mum". Also, my 3 loved pet dogs did come and I could even feel their hair.
Thank you again Robert for this and all the videos, you are doing wonderful work.

Robert Shapiro said...

I am glad Tellervo that you had such success.