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The Wand Position
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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Moon As A Relevant Participant In Your Life

You have all noticed lately that there are times in the month when you feel more - how can we say - when you feel it is more difficult to go about and do your life.
For some of you this is because of the Moon and the experiences you might have in your body because of the regulation of the Moon. Now why do I call it the regulation of the Moon? Moon has many aspects to it - beauty of course and it is noticeable - the affect of the Moon on the tides and yet what is often overlooked is that the Moon has an effect on all fluids.
When women have their Moon time it is an effect on fluid, yes and yet different women will have this effect at different times of the month. This has largely to do with your bodies regulatory system but also has to do with your personal interaction with the Moon. The Moon is a, how can we say - a physical extension of your own bodies. You might find that hard to understand but what this means is that your physical bodies are made up of the Earth, yes - yes of course they are and even though Creator is contributing to your immortal soul your physical bodies are made up of Earth and what is available on Earth. The Moon however is the companion of the Earth and as the companion it supports the Earth in its fluids and anything on the Earth that contains fluids.
The Moon therefore is your companion in not only fluids and liquids but is your companion in the feminine. The feminine is flexible and while the masculine stands for strength, strength is not always flexible. Therefore given that strength can be shattered and flexibility cannot be shattered, it only bends, strength cannot live without flexibility. Man does not always have woman available for flexibility but man has Moon available. Moon then is contributing not only to the feminine but contributing in a very profound way to the masculine and without the Moon the masculine simply could not exist on Earth.
Do you know that the feminine, a feminine being could exist someplace with no Moonlight, meaning the feminine could exist in a perpetual state of New Moon but the masculine could never exist that way. That is why almost all the old stories of great fears and the old superstitions of great fears because of New Moon were all generated because of the masculine's experience with New Moon which is difficulty.
I'm going to give something today just for men and that's a Living Prayer you can say for yourself and as you know Living Prayer does effect others whereas Benevolent Magic is something you say only for yourself even though it may have an extended benevolent impact on others and this is what I recommend you say if you are a man or a boy and you are interested in these things.
I recommend you say, "I am asking that at times when I have an insolvable problem in my life that I experience the most benevolent influence of feminine energy available to me to support my own flexibility and my ability to stretch and grasp inspiration and inspiration's meaning and my ability to move beyond rigid standards." And since I do not wish to leave out the women readers I would like to offer a Living Prayer you can say as well if you wish. If you'd like you can say, "I am asking that all male energy on Earth in form or in influence experience a pervasive, nurturing feminine counterpart at all times when flexibility and inspiration would be most benevolently welcome."
That's my recommendation for today. I'll say more about these things as time goes on. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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