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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Future Coming Attractions - The Best Is Yet To Come

Many of you have been questioning whether it's truly possible that there is benevolent spirit watching over you right now but in the source of your souls - Creator yes but in the source point of the Creation point of souls yes, this is something that desires that the extension of souls - in this case for you - human beings - experience much more benevolence in order for that benevolence to emerge in a way that is palpable, meaning you can feel it as well as experience the effects - not have the rational, meaning not being able to see how you intellectually arrived at that point but to just experience the benevolent effects of that good experience.
The source of the souls which is a means that Creator uses to create the point of origin of souls and to provide for a co-ordinated support system for all souls has activated an energy that cannot be stopped. This energy will continue to build and it is an energy that supports benevolence, kindness and a support for all beings.
This will be noticeable especially now in children, many of you have seen this. It will also be noticeable however in moments for adults regardless of your walk of life whether you are wealthy and all of your needs are met, in terms of what money can buy, whether you are of modest means and many of your needs are met and whether you are poor and struggling and few of your needs are met and yet sometimes regardless of your income, many needs are met of the things money cannot buy - love, kindness, friendship and a genuine caring by you for others and their well being and by others for you for your well being.
These moments will be seen by all of you and sometimes in the most unexpected way. I wanted you to know that this activation is taking place because the momentum has built now that took place. It started some years ago but the momentum has built now where you can begin to see or at least hear about or perhaps read about evidence of this great and benevolent culmination. The actual completion of this might take a few years but when the completion takes place, while it will not be heaven on Earth there will be for every person on a daily basis evidence of kindness, compassion, support and so on.
This is not some prediction of some untenable goal. It is not a prediction of something vague that will happen in some vague future. I will give you an exact time and date when every human being on Earth will experience that kind of kindness, support, concern and caring shown for you and that you will have that kindness, support, caring and concern for others and will display it, not in every moment but you will be able to notice this kind of thing every day more than once usually.
In exactly five and a half years from today, this date (10-4-05) you will be able to notice that - every single person on Earth no matter who you are, where you are, anything. For some of you this will be a miracle beyond belief, for others it will go almost unnoticed. It depends so much on your walk of life, doesn't it but I felt that you needed the good news.
I will say more about this as time goes on. I have been guided to pass on this message to you at this time and I want to give you this good news. Creator loves you. All the Beings on all the planets have the greatest admiration for you for what we are doing on this planet and as a result, Creator and all the loving Beings and all the Beings on all the planets have given permission for this benevolence that exists almost everywhere else other than on the Earth School which can be so challenging - they've given permission, and energy while it does not leak out from Earth to other places since this is a tough school and other places are benevolent, they've given permission that that benevolent energy will leak in.
So there are some openings, not just the opening that Creator provides and Angels pass through but there are some other openings now for this benevolence to flow in and it will reach its culmination in five and a half years from this date. You can figure out what date that would be.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Pinkness said...

Thank you Creator, Love and Robert. I really need this!

guile said...

palpable.. i love that word..

Petr said...

Thank You Robert.... for a nice and kind words :-)))

Robert Shapiro said...

You're welcome Petr. Goodlife