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The Wand Position
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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dreams In A Time Of Union

In these times you will notice a greater intensity with your dreams. I'd like to let you know what that's about. Many times while it may seem to be about the intensity level of your life, it is not.
All over the world there are many people in very difficult situations. Yes, people in war zones whether they be combatants or simply having the war take place in their area but there are also people going through profound changes in their lives or having their own jobs overwhelm them so much that they are unable to sleep at the deep level and dream properly for themselves.
So what is going on is that because at the soul level all beings have great love for each other, what is going on is that those who cannot achieve deep sleep so you can dream well and sort your life out as happens in what is called dreaming is that a great many of you, really a great many, are dreaming dreams for other people. This is why if you examine the dream, especially upsetting dreams, and you look closely at the images in the dream, the people you see in the dream will often not look like you. Oh there may be some similarity but that's all and what often happens is that the person you identify with in the dream is the one who's unable to sleep well and who's dreams you are having for them.
It is really important to know this because sometimes when you awake from such a dream it can prompt you to have suspicions or can really create mischief in your life or it can also prompt you to become afraid of something that is not a factor in your life at all. I am not saying that dreams cannot be visions, what I am saying is that during these times when the human race is bonding at a much deeper level with all other human beings in order to bring about a greater level of loving consciousness, that will come to the surface in time, to create much greater benevolence between all human beings - that the idea of dreaming for another person is not so strange when taken in that context.
There are events coming within a few years for the human race that will create a much greater and permanent bonding on a conscious level so that even people you don't know, you'll feel good about and thus the fear level and the anxiety level and the reactions to that fear and that anxiety will almost become unknown in our global human society.
I have been taught these things and that's why I wish to pass them on to you because over the years I have seen them come true one after the other and I feel it is vitally important for you to know this now so that we can understand our lives better within the context of our practical day to day reality.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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Rebecca said...

Hi Robert...Thanks for visiting my blog. I really have enjoyed reading yours, and plan to visit frequently.

Have a wonderful night...