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The Wand Position
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Friday, October 21, 2005

Balancing Our True Natures And By Doing So Creating Balance For Others

The immediacy of the situation on Earth is that the release of feelings, pent up in some cases yes, is coming not only from human beings but also animals and even some plants.
You can all identify with the desire to be accepted and appreciated for who you are without having to accommodate your personality, the ways you do things to others in the way that they approve. You just want to be appreciated for being yourself and it's really no longer sufficient to be tolerated for being yourself.
You want to know where your friends are - the people who like you for being who you are and the people you like for being who they are and it's not adequate anymore to just be tolerated and to tolerate those you're around.
You all know this is true and yet you are not alone in this as human beings. The animals are feeling that too. Your Mother Earth has removed herself as being a balancing, tonal, physical organism that creates a harmony externally for you all including animals and even including some plants. In the case of animals and plants because they are not here to learn but rather here to teach mostly through example but sometimes other ways, find that sudden change almost unbearable.
That's why or at least another reason why, having spoken about reasons in the past as in the Bird Flu column for example, that's another reason why many of the animal species are choosing to leave because Mother Earth is no longer tempering their existence with her loving harmony and since human beings are not fully prepared to do that yet either, they're ready to move on.
It might seem dramatic but as you all have known sometimes life is just to much when there's not enough love and appreciation and simple pleasure that others have around you enjoying you for who you are and that you feel enjoying them for who they are. To a degree you might reasonably say this is a shake out period when those who want to be on the Earth for its own sake will remain.
This is why younger generations have that adventurous quality, not just because of the Adventurers desire to discover but also because of the Adventurers willingness and capacity to adapt. Take a good look inside yourself - do you like adapting or do you find it easy? Do you feel adventurous? If you don't it doesn't mean that you have to leave the planet. It does mean however that it might be a good thing for you to make an effort to do the following homework because the results of this homework will be to create that tempering, meaning a harmonic balancing that will support your life over the next two, three years.
It's not that the next two or three years are going to be so horrible, it's rather that as life improves over the next two or three years you will need more friends and acquaintances especially those who enjoy your personality and whose personalities you enjoy even though you may not always feel that way about each other all the time. You'll notice that it will be more so than many people to whom you've been exposed or been around.
I'm going to suggest the following homework - it's in more than one part. The first part is to say the following Benevolent Magic. Say it slowly and if you feel a benevolent energy or warmth or something like that then just say it even slower so that that energy and loving warmth can support the manifestation of what you're saying.
I recommend you say, "I request that my true friends and similar people who enjoy me for who I am and whom I enjoy for who they are be in my life now and be readily available to me that we may have friendship, companionship and support for one another in the most benevolent way resulting in the most benevolent outcome."
So, there's a second part - after you say that you may experience some immediate shifts or it may be more gradual. What I do recommend is that you follow up with some homework.
Look around your community and try to notice, you can be discrete about it but try to notice who are the people that you seem to enjoy even from a distance. Try to find peers but peers are not always your age. Some of them might be younger, some of them might be older and consider the possibilities of making new friends or acquaintances. Sometimes this simply means talking, saying something. Sometimes it means going places and doing things that you enjoy and that the opportunity to meet people in those places doing the same things you enjoy gives you an opportunity to make fiends.
In short I'm going to recommend that you make the effort, though for some of you it might be difficult and for others easy to make three new friends over the next three months. In this day and age that might seem to be easy in some places and other places it might seem to be very challenging indeed but I'm going to recommend that you try.
Don't go out of your way to be grating on people. On the same note, do make an effort to show your actual feelings about things but make sure that you're showing them about things that you know well even though you may or may not understand them fully. You've had many conversations with people like this over the years discussing things that are common ground - meaning this is what you think and ah, that's what they think also. Make an effort.
Sometimes you might find that these are people that you've known for a while and didn't realize could be friends. Other times they will be people that you don't know very well at all - perhaps you meet them at a gathering of some event or circumstance that you like. Other times it might be someone you meet on a bus or a train, yes or even a plane. Make the effort. There's a reason.
In order to provide the balancing harmony for you all right now, the more you can feel an attraction to beings of your own kind - in the case of human beings of course - an attraction to other human beings, the more you're going to appreciate life, enjoy being here and feel welcome and as a result exude to a degree that feeling of welcome, the more harmony will be available for yourself and others and this kind of harmony will support and sustain not only yourselves as human beings but also as it spreads out will help the animals to relax and feel better and all of this with the mobility of human beings and the mobility of animals will help the plants to feel better too. That's what I recommend for today.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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