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The Wand Position
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Releasing Mechanisms In Us Now, Part 1

Greetings my friends. I would like to enlist your aid right now. There is something slowly bubbling up to the surface that requires your vigilance.

I know many of you have dogs or cats and you know the pleasure they bring into your lives.

During this time of difficulty for people all over the world even in places where there is plenty there are old suspicions coming up that we may have thought were just a part of history or odd news. These suspicions are coming up because people are releasing them. These suspicions have to do with dogs and cats.

I know that you love your dog or you love your cat or you love both your dog and cat or you admire the dogs and cats of others and only occasionally are bothered by them but then very soon you find a reason to like or love them again.

There is an issue that goes back to the beginning of the human being on this planet. That issue has to do with distrusting all other life forms.

Initially it had to do with distrusting human life forms as well until people realized that when we came together as a group we were often, at the very least, stronger and then friendlier and then enjoyed community as we do now but the old issue of distrusting other forms of life - which may seem archaic to us today is still very much a factor.

We take for granted, don't we, that we use so-called bug spray and many times these little creatures are not offending us in any way though they are simply present as they live as best as possible.

I am not trying to preach here, though it may sound like it but I am trying to say that this old distrust that we were not even raised with perhaps - that simply is in our physical memories - our genetic memory so to speak is coming up now to be released but as it is with the release mechanism and as it is with our thinking analytically the way we do these days - when the feeling comes up there's going to be a tendency for many people to start thinking about it and rationalizing it as having a basis in fact and therefore to be trusted.

You know how we are and this is often the case. Rationalizing is something we learn to do when we are young though we don't even know that word yet eh.

So this is something I felt the need to bring to your attention and next time I will say more about it.



Alison Jane Lysakowski said...

things have been crazy for a while in great ways in my own life, and your posts always coincide...
its strange but its true
and tonight was made to change me a lot, shake it all up a bit,
and everything is becoming a dream lately- not becoming, but making me aware of that constant.
you know?
i hope im understood

im glad that you agree that everything will turn out for the best as a result of all the stuff thats going on and will happen...

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Alison, I know the energy is difficult right now but it will get better soon.