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Friday, April 07, 2006

To Touch The Feelings Of Another

Energy is a term that is a bit vague in our times since it is applied to so many different things.

When I refer to energy in this Benevolent Magic blog I'm always talking about something that - it is possible for you to feel - something that might provide you with a very light sense of contact - meaning touch.

Do you know that in our normal state we are energy. We are not personified by physical form as we are here but we do have form of a type - it is just not something that is physical as we experience physical here. I find this to be very comforting since we are surrounded by various forms of energy though it is not always obvious.

I have talked with some considerable length perhaps on Mystical Man about my experiences viewing things through the eyes of another - specifically one of my all time favorite cats whom I lived with for a time.

She would, because we were good friends allow me to extend - not go out of my body but to extend from my body so that I had my physical senses and extend into her body sharing it for a moment and look through her eyes.

Have you not always marveled when cats suddenly look at something and you glance in that direction - nothing - you don't see a thing but their heads are moving around and they seem very interested. They do have the capacity to see more than we see and in my experience all animals that are here with us on Earth have the capacity to feel more than we feel - or do they? Can we feel our real feelings? Can we identify them? I have found that when we attempt to feel our feelings that we get confused and do not know how to describe them.

If you want to try something that can be challenging to some and easy to others, when you notice a physical feeling in your body - describe it. You will be interested to see that very often you will describe it in intellectual terms rather than physical terms.

If you want to have a little fun with that give yourself a chance to do that. Perhaps if you feel warm in your physical body then you say, "I feel warm" and then I might say, "Where do you feel warm?" Then you would describe the physical location in your body where you feel warm, you see, but many times people will say, "Well I feel kind of strange and the strangeness is something that I identify with see. It is very easy to forego a personal sense of identification with our physical bodies since we are taught from a very early age that it is something we cannot really trust.

We cannot blame religion for this because we have been growing up in a mental oriented world, and while this has many advantages there are some disadvantages. Some things cannot be put into words - they are physical feelings.

When you get to the point where you have difficulty describing the physical aspects of what you are feeling in your body - just know that that is when you are making progress. I'm not talking about if you are asked to describe how you are feeling and you can't. I'm talking about if you've gone through the descriptions, "Well my body feels a little tight" and so on but you get to the point you see - where it is difficult to describe the feeling because the feeling is so pronounced. Why do I make such a fuss on this site about feelings?

We are coming very close now to a time when language will get in our way. Many of you have noticed it already but since we all experience feelings in exactly the same way, and in my experience animals do as well, even though we may have these feelings at different times - feelings are a common denominator. I feel it's important for us to focus on common ground that we all have.

In time it will be possible, as I've been taught, to simply - when you're confused about what your friend or mate is saying to you - to reach over towards that person with your left hand - you don't actually have to touch them - just get near them and when they're saying what they're saying - you're essentially feeling into their auric field you see - and you will notice their feelings and when you notice their feelings you will find that your own auric field is activated and since their feelings operate in exactly the same way your feelings operate you will for a moment feel their feelings and when you feel their feelings you will know what they're trying to say even if they don't have the words to describe it.

This is coming very soon and if you're in a close relationship now or if you have a good friend you can try it with them. If you do and have some good experience to share - feel free to share it here. If you don't it's okay - just consider it. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Steve said...

Hi Robert,
This is quite interesting writing to me as I am a seeker, artist and writer. I've enjoyed reading your posts and this is my first time reading your writing. I responded to this particular post because of the segment about language getting in our way, which touches my sentiments. I've been making art for a few years on this topic.. and want to include the site.
All of the art is made from books. Please forgive the organizational problems of the site.
I've begun to use benevolent magic and will let you know how it goes. Thanks for sharing your writing.
Steve Panella

Robert Shapiro said...

Steve, thank you for sharing your art with us all here. I'm sure many people will want to look at it and perhaps feel the connections between all life and themselves.