The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, April 21, 2006

More Of Our Heart Energy

There is an energy now coming from within the Earth to the surface. The Earth wishes to release the benign and benevolent aspects of the human heart energy that has been in storage for you in a loving, safe and secure place.

When you come here as a soul before you begin to form in your mother your heart is tender and open. You speak to your teachers about this, you talk to your guides and your angels and they tell you there is a place well protected in the center of the Earth where your extra heart energy can be stored and when the time is right it will be released to the future of the human race and then you can function on Earth with a heart that can run your body and can support your life but you won't be wide open so you can live in society.

Now is that future time. Mother Earth has begun releasing the energy and it will slowly percolate up to the surface and soon we will all feel much more of our heart energy.

We will not suddenly feel vulnerable or wide open but it will grow and increase within us in an increasing fashion. So by the time the year 2008 arrives we will be totally vested in the heart energy we arrived with when our souls were coming towards Earth to begin the birth process inside mother.

I will say more about that as time goes on but for now just know that as you begin to feel more heart energy and possibly warmth in your chest area it will support your life and your lifestyle and will tend to shove things out of your body that are harmful to you or cause you to be exposed to harm from others or cause you to provide harm to others.

This will gradually make it possible for misunderstandings to become less frequent and for people to see the common ground between all beings. It will take time but it will make it easier to form the connections between all life and between life to life in human being.

Look for it. It will be happening soon and be complete in 2008 and it will provide the means for you to apply in your life and the lives of others a more benevolent lifestyle. We'll still have to work at it but it will be easier.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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