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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

An Opportunity To Remember And Apply, Part 2

I spoke to you yesterday about being reminded by our teachers and friends when we were babies and also what you could do to remember and experience things by interacting briefly with a glance to your favorite tree or to your favorite pet.

Lets try a little more on this today but for this you will need to have a good friend, not just someone that you see a lot but have uncomfortable feelings with but a good friend alright. So, many of you will have this and the person can even be someone that you have known for a time but who you get along with or can get along with for a time to try this and if they are also engaged in this kind of exploration that I encourage you to do on this site thats even better.

You have perhaps had the opportunity to glance at the tree or to glance at your favorite pet just to see what feeling you felt in your body in reaction to, or perhaps was it the feeling that the tree or the cat or dog or pet had? It could have been either or both.

Now lets try that with your friend. What you do is you can sit across from each other but close enough so that you can see the expression in the other persons eyes. Close your eyes and look down for a moment, then both of you open your eyes and sit up and look at each other just for a quick glance then look away and notice how you feel in your physical body.

Write down or make a note, don't say it out loud just write down - make a note and see how you feel. Then relax for three or four minutes with your eyes closed and not looking at each other - lets make sure the tv is not on, the radio isn't on and it's as quiet as it can be wherever you are. There might be noises in the background but as long as they're in the distance thats alright.

Then look up again - again noticing - just a quick glance - by a quick glance I mean five seconds - something like that just so that you can get a look at the person's eyes - you see - because that will tell you even though you may not know what it means, what they're feeling or will give you a chance to react with your feelings to them, then look down. Make notes of your experience and then after you're both done writing - as before wait three or four minutes and try this again.

So you're going to do this three times, then wait for about ten minutes after you're done, then tell each other what you felt going through the steps. First one says this is what I felt when I glanced at you and remember - it is your job not to interpret - you just describe what you personally felt - meaning you looked at the other person and you felt a vague uneasiness in the pit of your stomach, or you looked at the other person and you felt a sense of warmth in your body, or you looked at the other see what I'm saying here - you're describing your physical feelings. You don't interpret them. Later we'll interpret them.

Then the other person describes what they felt physically - you see - because we're learning how to know. You see, the whole purpose of this is learning how to know what other people are feeling, thinking, experiencing, providing in memory and in experience who they are.

The ultimate purpose of this is to know who somebody is just by a quick glance, not necessarily their name or their address but who they are as a person, as a being - what they are and so on. Thats what this training is about.

So - then you continue on after you have talked about the first time of the glance, the other person talks about the first time of the glance. Then you wait a minute or two and relax, then you talk about the second time. You go through that until you've completed the third time and how you felt in your physical body. Then you start over again.

You do it again three times and this time you're making notes not only about how you felt in your physical body but what those feelings mean to you so it might take you a little longer - meaning - I felt a warmth and then I knew that I was happy - I felt good about my reaction - alright. Then you go through the full experience with the three glances as before and you share that with the other person.

Remember it is not your job to correct the person - meaning perhaps you don't identify with the other person's reaction to you. You don't remember that what they felt in reaction to looking at you was anything like that. You may actually think it was totally the opposite but the training is intended not to correct somebody to know what you were thinking but rather to support this friend that you are working with to help them to be able to feel-know what they are experiencing - meaning that you are learning how to use your own facilities to know not just to discount your facilities - meaning your feelings and your understanding of your feelings and to go only by thoughts.

You are learning how to use your feelings and your knowing. Knowing is always based on feelings even though thought may become part of the analysis of the process. So, I hope you enjoy this instruction because it's intended to help you to remember your natural abilities.

Remember the baby - how the baby glances at something that baby sees even though we as adults may not see it and you have noticed that your cat or your dog sometimes does this too. We can remember how to know.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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