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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Seeing Discarnate Spirits Benevolently

There is a time coming now when you will all have a very interesting experience - considering that this is a time of awakening for all souls on Earth, especially human beings, the awakening will coincide simultaneously with a sleeping period. Some of the beings on Earth, some of which you can see - some which you do not see, will be sleeping.
As more human beings are being born and simply living on Earth there needs to be room for those personalities and for all of the Guides and Teachers and Angels that support you all. Therefore there will be a time coming soon when all of you will see a version of light. For some of you'll be a quick spot of light, for others it will be a lingering light and then it will fade. This is what to look for in the color of the light - if it is red or pink then that is not it though that may be a Light Being. If it is blue or gold or white that will be it. If it is green then it will be an ally to the blue, gold or white and may herald its arrival. For most of you that will not happen but for some it might but red or pink - well - viable colors - this almost always has to do, especially the red, with Earth energies often of strength and sometimes associated with mountains and the land itself.
I mention this to you not because you don't see these things sometimes - many of you do but some of you do not and I want to inform you that it's going to happen so you're not startled or concerned. It won't happen at a time that will frighten or cause harm - it will always happen when you are just relaxing - perhaps going to sleep or doing something that is comfortable and such a vision would be benevolent.
You might reasonably ask, "What's it all about?" When you see this it will be to let you know - as a representative of the Human Race - that a spirit who has been discarnate, meaning has been on the Earth and has been having some difficulty leaving the Earth - not because they have caused any harm or anything like that but because they have been identifying with their Earth life more then life beyond, has moved off. It won't be that you'll see the spirit itself, it will simply be to let you know that this being has moved off. There are right now on Earth several million of these discarnate spirits - they are not causing any harm and they are not disturbing people or upsetting them - you cannot see them but occasionally some of you catch a flash or a portion of them and see something. These beings are moving off because there are so many more human beings here and so many more Teachers and as I said - Guides, Angels - that they need to move off and make space because spirit sometimes takes up more space than form.
So I'm just letting you know this. If you see that light then it will mean that one of these beings has moved off and that's a good thing for that being since they will be able to then continue on in life away from the Earth benevolently and it will have more room for spirit to expand here in a supportive, benevolent way for all of us.
Goodlife, goodnight.

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