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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Deity - Yes - Creator Will Be Seen This Year

There is a time coming this year when there will be an image that you all see in your minds eye. By your minds eye I mean that you will not be asleep. Oh granted you may have this image in your dreams from time to time but you will all have at least one occasion when this image is quite apparent to you while you are awake.
You might be looking at a wall that's not decorated with too many things. You might be looking at a space on the terrain that is not, how can we say, too complicated with people and animals. You might simply be staring off into space for a moment and the image will come very clear to you. I want to put you on alert for it because this will be an image which everyone of you will think of as deity though the image will be different for different people. The reason I'm putting you on alert about this is that many of you especially with different religions will take that to be some kind of alert or warning. I assure you it is not a warning. It is not either a announcement of a single individual coming as many religions have predicted, to bring peace and harmony but it is a reminder from deity overall - that which I refer to as Creator that this level of love and benevolence is now much more available for each of you to express to yourselves and to others.
It's not about restrictions in behavior. It's about love, kindness, nurturance, encouragement, friendliness and co-operation between all beings. I don't expect you to do all those things suddenly but it is good to be conscious of these things - perhaps even take a note here and keep a little reminder around with you.
This image as I say, will take many forms but you will all recognize the form. It won't be something that others have to tell you what it is. When you see it you will know that this is deity to you. It won't be anything frightening. It will exude and you will have the feeling immediately of love and benevolence - kindness, for those of you who do not understand the word benevolence so much. Benevolence means kindness and comfort, encouragement and nurturance for all beings.
So you will have that feeling regardless of the conditions or the environment in which your are in. So I'm just letting you know about this. It will happen for you all some time during this year. Some of you will have the experience sooner, some later but it will happen this year.
This is a time now when we will be able to experience much greater opportunities to have our overall abilities - that which we have beyond this planet and when we are beyond this planet we have many more capabilities then we express here. So this is not the nursery school. The reason we have less capabilities here to express in ways that are benevolent and yes - benevolently magical is because this is a place that is a school and very often in a school we are given new tools and very often they are challenging tools because we don't know how to use them. Still, we will learn how to use them and when we graduate this school and move on to our next life we will be able to do more with what we had before we came here and we will have new things that we can use in circumstances that may be more challenging from the places we all came.
I've been taught that we've all lived in very benevolent worlds before we come here, most of us, and when we come here it is hard, it is difficult because we're going to school. When we leave we will be able to go places that are a little more difficult then what we have known before we came here but they won't be anywhere near as difficult as this world is. So we will feel fully prepared even when challenged - fully prepared and capable to help not only ourselves but others and I believe and I have been taught that this is the great purpose of this experiment of Earth that we now live in.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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