The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Road To Revelation Of Our Capacities

An awareness now begins to dawn on many people that there is an awakening going on all around us. This awakening is not something that prompts any apparent sense of disorder, meaning a feeling of disorientation or confusion but rather an awakening to our own inner capacities.
There has long been speculation that the brain is a source of infinite possibilities if only we knew how to decode its capacities. In my experience the brain responds rather than initiates. I realize that a good argument could be made that the brain initiates but my feeling is rather, from my own experience and that which I've been taught, that the brain responds to feelings. In my experience feelings are the primary means of interacting with our world. First we have a feeling and then we react with thought. This occurs, I feel, on the basis of our conditioning and teaching when we are young by parents and others but before there is this conditioning - what takes place.
I have been taught that before we, as very young children, are taught to think before we speak or to think before we act and other teachings that are intended for our own good and are meant for that - that we have something else called instinct. I believe that instinct unites us with all forms of life.
Feeling can be complicated by thought. Consider all of the types of thought, philosophy and even classifications of our own thoughts regardless of our philosophies. This is where my conclusion is born that our brain reacts to our feelings and does not initiate feelings. I grant that memory can initiate feelings - yes but my belief is that our feelings especially when we pay attention to them can get our brains analyzing what it means, in my experience.
I'd recommend, as I have done so before here - to get to know our feelings. I'm going to recommend that you try the following. Make a brief list of feelings that you believe are the most important ones in your life. It can be five, six, maybe even seven. Granted survival might be one of them, love, perhaps happiness - there may be different ones for your list. Then I recommend that you, like a good actor, practice those feelings and notice where in your body you feel what. Then after you try that see if you can begin to practice and note what it is you are feeling on the basis of your remembered physical feelings. I know I've talked about this before. I also know that others have discussed it and that is why I feel it has validity.
Let's not wait for science to reveal how to expand our brain power. They are working on it full time I assure you, in many quarters. Let's instead begin to expand our knowledge of our own feelings. If we do that there just might be a possibility that we can expand and feel into our own capacities. Let's also remember that as souls we are all united and we co-operate with each other in many ways now. Let's assume that the impossible can be done. This is what I believe.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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