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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Supporting Benevolence In Religion

Now today I'd like to talk about something a little different. There is something going on in your past - not distant past but in the past that you can help with if you like. We did talk about it recently, about how you can alter the past so you can consult with that posting if you like and this thing going on in your past involves your religious documents - the ones you hold dear - most of the religious world.
All religious documents when they were originally produced were created with inspiration by people who were benevolently inspired to create their inspiration, yes but also to create something that supports benevolence between all beings. Sometimes over the years this was adapted to the conditions of the time as one might expect and interpreted as best as possible by those who were educated in these areas but sometimes, unintentionally political influences had their effect. This is more noticeable in some documents and less noticeable in others but they have all been somewhat infiltrated if not in their original form then in well intended rewrites.
It is not our job here on this site to interfere with religions - established and ones just getting started but it is our job to support benevolence and to encourage it. So I'm going to suggest for you today something to do that builds on our work for the past and supports benevolent present. I'm going to suggest that for those of you who would like to that you say the following Living Prayer. I recommend you say, "I am asking that all religious documents written and rewritten in the past be influenced by Creator's benevolence and be supported by all of our hearts benevolence now and that this be supported in benevolent heart centered ways in the present and in the future as well." If you feel any energy that comes through when you say this just pause and let it be there and then continue to say those words to the end of them.
I'm going to ask those of you who choose to participate in this to say this any time you wish now and once more thirty days in the future. That will help to anchor it through these times and the times to come. Religions are going through an alteration as many of you have noted. They are trying very hard to maintain their clear view to their inspiration about Creator. At the same time, those involved in those religions are making a mighty effort to create benevolence in their own way. I feel that it is important to support that goal and I hope you feel that way too.
It is not my intention to speak of religion much on this site as I feel that the religions are creating their own destiny for themselves and yet it is my intention to support benevolence wherever we can and when I say "we" you understand, I am referring to the greater "we" of all of us who participate here which of course includes you and everyone who participates and acts on what you read here, applies the homework to your life as best you can and attempts to improve the quality of your life and the lives of others through the methods outlined here. So thank you for making the efforts and for supporting, encouraging and nurturing benevolence wherever you are able to do so.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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