The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Sound For All Hearts

There is a time coming when you will all have an opportunity to do something that will help your co-ordination of benevolence and love on the Earth and it is very simple.
I'm going to recommend it for you anytime you wish to do it in the next two to three weeks and that is a sound you can make. You all know the word, "Sh" that is said to encourage people to lower their voices or to make less noise but this sound has other impacts and when said like, "ssssssssshshshshshshshshsh" like that where the s sound is made first and then the sh and when done for about thirty seconds, that's about all - thirty seconds can prompt a valuable and comfortable warmth that many of you will feel in your hearts and other places that are close to your heart.
This is a simple sound you can make and it will improve the connection between you and the hearts of others around you and between you and the hearts of others in the world whether they be human, animal, plant or Mother Earth herself. It is also something you can do anytime you want to after the next two to three weeks.
Just try to do it once, maybe twice in the next two to three weeks - out loud anytime, anywhere. You can do it with others or on your own, it's fine either way. Thirty seconds is enough though. It doesn't have to be exactly thirty seconds but in the neighborhood - twenty eight to thirty three seconds - something like that but thirty seconds is the aim, alright.
It will also help to amplify the love energy for the human being and unite all souls benevolently. It will take a while for some and be quicker for others. That's what I recommend.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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