The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Recognition And Acknowledgment

I'd like to provide you with a plan for the new year and the plan is profoundly simple. It is the following and I'll begin with a Living Prayer that I recommend you say if you like, "I am asking to have the feelings that go with honoring myself and honoring all life this year, to release judgement and embrace discernment, to look in the mirror and say, 'I'm doing alright. I am a being of wisdom. I have knowledge and I have been able to apply that knowledge well very often. I am asking to acquire more knowledge and more wisdom in the most benevolent way now for me.' "
You notice that is an unusual form of Living Prayer. I feel that it is important to begin this year with an acknowledgment of who and what you are. All human beings come to this planet to acquire wisdom that will work in a practical, day to day Earth setting.
You will know no greater challenge for existence in this universe then on this planet. This planet is not a nursery school for people who have gone by the wayside somehow - quite the opposite. It is as intense as it is at times, because it is the Ph.D program and more.
No matter what you think on other planets in other lives about life - while it may be considered a possibility or even a philosophical desirability on other planets, other planets are benevolent but Earth is where you get to try things out to see if they really work. Therefore I want to encourage you to pat yourself on the back for what you have discovered in you life really works and to seek out greater wisdom if possible in your life this coming year in the most benevolent way. That's what I recommend and I hope that you enjoy your journey.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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