The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Monday, November 28, 2005


Many of you have asked, "Is it possible - is it really possible to access our sensitive abilities in a seemingly insensitive world?"
Yes it is and that's one of the reasons I'm dedicated to providing knowledge and wisdom on this blog. Sometimes you will need to be able to have a quiet place you can retreat to or at least a place where you won't be disturbed. Some of you may have to wear earplugs so that the sounds that come from outside your home don't penetrate your peace. Others may simply have quiet available and that's good. That is a foundational element that is very helpful to assimilating that which I am going to provide for you in increasing ways. Still, I will try to provide things in such a way as those of you who don't have that can also assimilate some of this wisdom. I'll do the best I can on that.
Today I'd like to speak just a little bit about your capacity to know when somethings going to happen even though you won't have any conscious knowledge of it - and that's your instinct. It's not just animals that have instinct you know. Anything, anyone, any being yes, on Earth has instinct. The difference between human beings and other beings that demonstrate their instinct is that human beings are almost always trained in our modern world to ignore your instinct - to pay no attention to your physical feelings or to distrust them. I'm going to suggest some homework to bring to your attention your instinct and its value.
If you can go out some place on the land - it's okay if it's cold and you have to put on heavy clothes - or wherever you live - try to make it someplace where there's not many people around or not many distractions. If it's not safe to go out then pick a place, that if it's indoors, where you have room to move about.
Stand up and close your eyes and walk slowly forward. I don't want you to trip and fall or hurt yourself, so every moment you feel some nervousness that you might be approaching something, stop and open your eyes. If there is something that you might be approaching or something you might bump into - acknowledge it - appreciate your body. Touch your body right below your neckline with either your right or your left hand and gently stroke downwards just a little bit. This is to be a sign that you're acknowledging your bodies capacity to demonstrate instinct. Your body recognizes a gentle touch like that as a loving gesture. You can use either hand.
Close you eyes but first turn away from that thing that was going to be bumped. Face a direction where you have the most space and of course if you're outdoors do the same thing and again walk forward always walking very slowly even inching along so to speak, is fine and the moment you get any feelings - you have your eyes closed remember, that you're feeling nervousness - stop and open your eyes.
If there's nothing around you, don't be mad at your physical body - recognize that it may take time to sharpen this sense - your instinct and move forward again. Do this for about three or four minutes or even five minutes maybe once or twice a week for the next few weeks. You'll be surprised how much it sharpens your awareness of your physical surroundings even with your eyes open of course. I know this is very basic practice for instinct but I will build on this in the future.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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Seven said...

Hi Robert,
There is an interesting book currently on the shelves titled 'Blink'. It discusses new research about instinct and you may find it interesting.
Thanks for your comments on my posts. You are always positive and encouraging.
I have visited your site several times and always leave feeling a little shallow. That is, your expansive thinking leaves me feeling as though my personal world is a little too confining. It's that expansivenees of thinking that creates progress and is needed in our world. Keep reaching out, maybe you can snag some waywards like me.
Stranger things have happened!
Good Cheer,