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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Heightening Your Subtle Senses, Part 2

Last time we talked about heightening your subtle senses by practicing looking through your cat's eyes. This time we're going to talk about heightening your subtle senses working with your dog.

We all know that dogs have an acute sense of smell. Very often this has allowed them to be involved in rescues and other acts of bravery that we cherish dogs for.

This time I'd like you to consider building upon what we've been doing in the last post and in the others I link back to and other things I've discussed on this blog and on my other main blog and that is to extend into your dog the same way I taught before and look for the clue that your dog accepts this, and by the way this must be your dog or a dog that you have a great deal of affection for and most importantly that that dog has a great deal of affection for you, because dogs are very sensitive physically and this must be honored.

So lets have you stay in your body as before but extend this time into your dog and if the dog does not walk away or look at you sharply or bark at you and walk away, in other words give you a message that your dog does not approve of that at this time, then if your dog walks over to you or looks at you or lies down at your feet or in other words suggests that they are welcoming of this perception then instead of looking through your dogs eyes I'd like you to attempt to smell through your dog's nose.

This is something that can be heightened in a human being not unlike the capacity to see with subtle vision can be heightened as I've mentioned before. Here though we have the capacity to improve the human potential - as we've developed it so far and has been granted to us by Creator - we have the potential to improve our own sense of smell so that we can perhaps perceive things we have not perceived before.

Imagine being able to stand 20 feet away from a flower that you would normally have to get very close to and be able to smell it. In this way you do not disturb the flower, you do not disturb any other life forms that may be in the flower such as a bee spreading pollen and gathering nectar and there are other things that might come into your mind that would benefit you in the case of a heightened sense of smell.

Remember to see if you can, even while you're in your own body, feel your dog's tail moving about or if your dog is moving you will have a sense - not exactly the same as you would have if you moved your arm or your hand but a sense - what I would call like an echo physically of that motion.

Remember it's not your job to wag your dog's tail, your dog can do that just fine on their own but it is to allow you to feel that greater communion with other species.

Consider if you would all the species on the planet - I am asking you to work with your cat and your dog first because these are beings that are likely to have affection for you and be tolerant of you reaching out in this way but in time perhaps we will build on these things so that other senses we have or even other senses that we do not think of having or we do not seem as human beings to have a talent for applying which other species may already have or are experts with, perhaps we will be able to heighten those senses in us as well - wouldn't that be something.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Alison Jane Lysakowski said...

your response to my question was perfect...
what im about to tell you doesnt seem related to stigmata, but it does relate to what you said, and it ultimately then relates to stigmata.
when i hear ghost stories, not the haunting aspect, but learning how the ghost came to be, i start to cry, like really emotionally cry, because i feel so much for the person that doesnt know how to move on. its weird because whoever is with me is surprised that i suddenly do it, and they will be like, "why are you crying??" and they laugh it off, and im the only person ive known who automatically does that.
so what you told me helps explain my situation greatly
thank you.
i wish i had a dog or something, so that i could do what youre talking about in this post and the last one.

im sorry if my comments are too scatterbrained sometimes, you understand them anyway.

Robert Shapiro said...

Helping spirits to move on:

Greetings Alison, thank you for your comment. I wanted to give you some links to thoroughly provide the answer not only to your question but to some of the underlying unspoken as well - yes?

So here are the links in the order I recommend you read them:

Also a link to the hand position photo I was trying to describe in Giving A Helping Hand To A Needy Spirit, Part 2:

I am hopeful you are well my friend and never worry about sounding scattered. I recognize that that is the outer appearance of your search to find the truth within you and all around and about you.


Robert Shapiro said...

Addendum to my response to Alison:

Here are the links again for those of you who are able to click on them easily if you wish to read about this matter more thoroughly.

Helping spirits to move on:

So here are the links in the order I recommend you read them:

Also a link to the hand position photo I was trying to describe in Giving A Helping Hand To A Needy Spirit, Part 2: