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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You Can Learn How To Speak With Inspiration

The energy you feel around you all the time is something that you usually do not notice. I know that you say, "Well it's the air - it's what's always there" and yet it is an actual energy. It's just that you're used to the feeling of it - thats all, and I can prove it.

When you go into a place where people are excited your feelings change - in your body you understand - your physical feelings. That is your weathervane to tell you that the energy has changed. When you're say, driving in traffic there's also a different feeling in your body - that is an energy.

When I refer to energy here I sometimes use it not entirely exchangeably with feelings but it is important to underscore the fact that even when you're just sitting someplace relaxing or doing as little as possible - when that occurs - what you are actually feeling is energy.

Now I want to give you some homework today because I want to show you a condition that you can experience when you are feeling the most benevolent energy that is available for you. Now for some of you if you live in very noisy environments you may have to use earplugs and thats alright, go ahead.

This is what I recommend. I've talked about this before but I want to bring it up again and thats something that is called, "not think -speak" alright but we're going to build up to that.

First I want to suggest to you that you practice for about one minute - you can have a clock in front of you that you look at and I want you for one minute to not think. If you catch yourself thinking then just stop - it's not something to discipline yourself about - just stop and start again. Work up to the point where you do not notice any thought for about one minute. If it's a little shy of one minute, thats okay.

After that I'd like you to either join somebody else who's doing this work or to simply begin speaking. Try not to think when you talk - just begin speaking. The words may be disjointed. You will definitely notice that you don't have your usual vocabulary. You will simply have the words that are available to you.

If they come out in a sequence, thats fine. If they come out in something thats garbled thats okay too. If you have something to record it with that might be better then you won't have to listen to it as it's coming out and you can just listen back to it later. Thats very reassuring for your mind.

You can do this alone or you can practice with another person - at least up to the point when you're speaking. When you're speaking - then one person speak to the other and then stop - you can just speak for a minute or two, no more than that - then the other person speak for about a minute or two. Record the whole thing if you can so you both can relax your minds and just "not think - speak."

This exercise is designed to give you the opportunity to notice the change of energies that you feel - meaning how do your physical feelings feel in your body and also to discover your capacity for speaking with inspiration.

When you speak with inspiration you will almost always discover that you don't really remember what you said when you stopped. This is because the inspiration is working through you and allowing you to simply say to another person or to a group of people something that they may need to hear.

I don't recommend that you do that speaking to a group just yet but just try this, "not think - speak" and it might be something that will help you to learn how - without much struggle and in the simplest way possible - to learn how to speak with inspiration, alright.


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