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The Wand Position
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Monday, April 10, 2006

An Opportunity To Remember And Apply

It is time to start another teaching here. As I like to say, "I'll build on that" and I'm going to build on something we've touched on before.

You have the capacity you know, to do a great many things on this planet. We are born with capacities and because the people we are born to are innocent - meaning that they do not know, most of the time, of our capacities - naturally they do not encourage us when in our innocence as children we might ask about something or even do something that our parents do not understand.

One of the things children often do is that they talk to their teachers. I do not mean the teachers that we have in school but rather the teachers that we have for life.

Babies do something that animals often do because babies are completely natural beings, not to say that us grown-ups are unnatural but babies are natural like animals.

They are not expected to be anything else and therefore you will often see babies do something that you might see your cat or dog or horse or other natural being around you do and that is that they will suddenly look, to the best of their ability to turn their heads which is not always easily done as a child, they will turn their head and look at something and you might then look over your shoulder - you don't see anything - and you wonder for a moment what baby was looking at but baby is looking at someone who is there because baby - when just born is still in touch with spirit world or the world that is not only physical but is other things.

Baby is talking to a teacher. Baby may not be making sounds that we understand. Baby may not be making sounds at all but the teachers, the friends from the other worlds baby knows are talking to baby and baby is acknowledging.

Do you know that one of the most frequent visitors that young ones want to come and support and encourage them to live life in this difficult school we are in where we come to learn new things and try new things and try out ideas and theories we had in other lives about life here on Earth to see if those things are practical when applied here - that babies often encourage friends from those lives to come and communicate and support them and such contacts almost always happen when we are two to three years old or younger and then they don't happen much after that for most people but if your child ever indicates that there are other beings around that you cannot see, parents sometimes consider this to be imaginary friends but just because we as adults cannot see them does not mean that they are not there - I'm not talking about something that your child is aware of making up, I'm talking about something that your child actually experiences.

So don't try to talk them out of it because most often they are there to help them to have a good life, a benevolent life and perhaps even a bountiful life which of course we'd all like to have. So I'm bringing this to your attention because it is in the nature of life here now, as I have been taught and as I have experienced, that we have the opportunity to communicate with those very same teachers that we connected with when we were babies.

You may not remember their names and I don't think thats very important but you can if you like be open to those possibilities because what's occurring for us all right now is that those teachers and friends are visiting us in our dreams and they are encouraging us to wake up just a little bit in our daily life and remember the capacities and abilities we had before we came here to live on Earth in these challenging lives we have here, because this is a school, and to remember how to use our full capabilities and capacities - one of which is allowing us to know what people are saying even if they are not speaking out loud.

So try this at first with someone who is not a human being even if you have a regular group of people you work with to explore and research the things I talk about here on this blog or that you read about elsewhere. Try it with a tree or with your favorite pet. Go over to them, glance at them just for a moment, just glance. Look down and see if you get an impression. Sometimes it's good to do this with a tree if it's a favorite tree of yours because a quick glance will leave you with a memory of what you just saw.

So try to make sure the radio is off and that the television is out of your hearing range - like that - so you have as little distraction as possible and glance. Then if you can close your eyes and remember what you saw, then try to notice what you feel in your body because with a quick glance thats how you pick up a feeling in your body that is either your reaction to what the other being was feeling in the moment you glanced at them or is an identical feeling to what they were feeling.

Do you know if you stare at someone or something for a while they go through a full range of feelings but if you just give them a quick glance you will only pick up the one feeling or the one type of feeling, meaning a sort of variation but within the same type of feeling, that they were experiencing in that moment.

All beings have feelings whether it be a tree, your favorite dog or cat or horse or bird - meaning a pet - or even a favorite wild animal that has perhaps made a nest or comes to visit nearby where you live.

This is not only training for you to be aware of what goes on around you but it is a gentle reminder that we are all being helped very carefully, slowly, sensitively and yes even delicately to remember our true capabilities. I will speak more about these things as time goes on.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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