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The Wand Position
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Things Can Happen

In these times you will be experiencing a great many seductions from your external world and even your internal worrying self about the state of the world, the state of your fellow human beings and the general condition of life on Earth for you, your friends, your family and others. This is a time when we have to make a distinct choice and very often with all evidence to the contrary continue the commitment to that choice. I'm not saying to discard sensibility.

I am suggesting to acquire and embrace appreciation for life. Appreciation for life does not take into account conditions, circumstances and news events. It simply allows you to value your experience and to value life around you. This simple shift in consciousness will not only perpetuate your life but improve its quality because you appreciate many things about life.

Consider not only what you like about life but what you like in what you see in the lives of others and even in the lives of animals and nature around you. Try to focus on this more and less on the unhappiness that is going on all over the world and perhaps even in your neighborhood.

It will be a discipline but it does not require that you turn a blind eye to things that must be paid attention to in order for your survival and to thrive. Still it is an opportunity to bring about an improvement in your heart's sense of life. So many of us now have a shield around our heart so that we won't be wounded by life itself and yet in order to improve our opportunity to see many of the good things even though they might be small things around us that make life valuable, we may have to be more observant and we may have to discard our assumptions in the negative.

It is possible you know that things are not always what they seem. They might be better. Remember to say at least once a day, "Good things can happen" or if you prefer, "Good things can happen in my life." When you can say it and feel that it has truth then perhaps good things will happen at some point. Give it a try and remember - hope does spring eternal.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

Test message

Seven said...

I left a test message because I tried a couple of times today and was not successful.
I like this post a great deal. The premise I think is a very important acknowledgment that we can choose to look for more rather than less in our lives. Not necessarily more materialism, but as you say, more comfort. More peace. More harmony.
The world and media around us seems to insist that we adopt a negative expectation. Yours is a refreshing voice and a reminder to us all that man's natural state is to look forward.
Thank you, as always.

Robert Shapiro said...

Rick - my friend, I do appreciate your insight, wisdom and trail of experience that allows you to gravitate towards and postulate upon your capabilities and your vision of the capabilities of us all.

I feel that it is in your nature to delve beneath the surface and to come up with the prize and the prize is very often the true hearts and the full being of us all. Thank you.

Janet West said...

Good things DO happen in my why have I not noticed it. I have spent so much effort trying to get stuff to happen and i read this blog and realize shabang! Good things are happening all the time in my life.
Thanks for the wake up.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Janet for your comment and encouragement. It is most welcome.