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The Wand Position
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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Consider how often every day you hear a distress call. Sometimes it might be a bird in urgent crying out for its mate or someone else. It might be a child crying, lonely or perhaps needs some help and waiting for mother or father to come. It might also be a cry in the distance - you're not sure what it's about.

It could be happiness, it could be fear but you're not sure. At moments like that I always say, "I am asking that all those beings who need help receive all the help they need now in the most benevolent way."

There are other forms of cries that we don't normally think about as cries but they are lonely sounds in the distance. A foghorn, a siren and yes - cries that we don't hear. One of the most frequent ones are cries from the hearts of others. Sometimes the person cries out loud, other times the crying is inward.

When you say that Living Prayer that I said a moment ago remember you might get some good feelings that come through when you say it - warmth or benevolent energy. If you do, sit with it a little bit after you say the Living Prayer or any other prayers you say. If they're good feelings sit with them because it will broadcast an energy that supports those that are crying out for help.

I'm not trying to be depressing here today but addressing actual life on our planet. We all know it is difficult at times and we all need help. I'm going to recommend some homework for you that I think would be good.

Give yourself thirty days and sometime within the next thirty days ask someone for help. Many of you do not feel comfortable asking for help. Especially for you, try to do this homework. It is most important for you to be able to recognize that we are all here on Earth to help each other, just as much as to help ourselves and our friends and family.

You may be an expert at something of which I am not and while many people these days feel doing it yourself is the best way, many times it isn't. Quite obviously you wouldn't do brain surgery on yourself nor would you necessarily work on your plumbing unless you are an expert at that. It is alright to ask for help.

Ask for help at least once in the next thirty days especially if it's hard for you to do that and see what happens. It might be bringing up feelings in you that are hard to take but it's important. I have found in my work with people over the years, if people do not learn how to ask for help and receive it graciously with thank yous that very often towards the end of their life something could occur - it doesn't always but something could occur where you will have to ask for help.

Why not learn how to ask for help now and then maybe that won't have to happen or at least it won't have to happen in some way that is impacting you so much.

When people ask you for help please offer what you can. You do not have to be self-sacrificing but offer what you can even if it is a prayer or good wishes or to simply commiserate with them - that can be good too. Sometimes as you know, it's a comfort to know that others have gone through what you're going through or may even be experiencing it now. Humor does help us to get through things too doesn't it, it sure works for me.

Those are my comments for today and thats really all I have to say. More soon alright. Goodlife.

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Sharon said...

I've given up on asking for help. It gets you nowhere.