The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Monday, January 16, 2006

Wisdom And Inspiration

You have had opportunities to experience a version of awakening on this site. It is our intention here to provide the means for you to apply spiritual techniques that will improve the quality of your day to day life not only the times when you are connecting with your spiritual practice whatever that might be. It is then a hope we have here to improve not only the quality of your day to day life but as you grow more comfortable in your life utilizing these techniques and other aspects of your personal philosophy that you will become simply more comfortable period.
In this way it may be possible for you to pass on your wisdom. I feel that many people do not consider that they have wisdom. They have knowledge, yes but wisdom is the knowledge you use in your life because you have physical evidence on a regular basis to prove that it is true for you. Not just a thought, not just a belief but physical evidence. This has nothing to do with your religion or philosophy really but rather your practical wisdom.
For some of you you might wish to write down things from time to time that you believe because it's true for you but let's also keep an open mind here. What's true for you because you have evidence of the truth may not be true for others even though it may be absolutely unshakably true for you. Lets allow for the possibility that all people on Earth do not require a single truth though there may be truths that do apply to us all.
Everybody is intended to have their own wisdom. If you as a single individual were expected and intended to have all wisdom your life would be unbearable but since there are so many of us and we all acquire wisdom in our lives you are spared that burden.
So lets consider - your wisdom is valuable as is the wisdom of others. Honor and appreciate your own wisdom and be open to the possibility that people right around the corner, just down the hall, across the county, in the next town or just a few feet away have wisdom as well. Maybe it would be good to inquire and ask people about their wisdom. Perhaps they will have some wisdom that will inspire and stimulate your own thoughts and beliefs. It doesn't mean you have to take on their wisdom as fact for you. It is simply a hunt and an openness for inspiration. Good hunting.

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