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The Wand Position
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Monday, January 09, 2006

Welcoming Co-operation

You will find in these coming days and weeks an unusual spirit of co-operation but there is a clause that goes with that and that is that you may have to work on increasing your receptivity - meaning to increase your capacity to say and feel - welcome.
I'm going to give you some homework to try with that. It's going to be a lot easier than you think. For those of you who have a dog, then this is good homework to do with a dog but if there is a tree in your back yard or in the park then you can try it with a tree. Of course the tree can't trot over and sit on your lap the way a dog might but it can be feeling safe to try. Don't if you would try it with a wild bird or something like that and cats don't always co-operate in this but they might - if you have a pet cat - and this is what to do.
You can either stand or sit near the tree or you can be on one side of the room and your dog or maybe your cat on the other side of the room and just start feeling - you can say quietly - welcome - and then make an effort to feel that you're welcoming someone. Saying the word is not sufficient but practice feeling - welcome.
Now the reason we do this with a dog or a cat first or a tree is that these things are safe and will feel safe for you to work with. If you do not have things like that, then use the sun in the sky and you are then doing something which is actually an old and sacred tradition - welcoming the sun. So this is good. If it is nighttime and then - you can welcome the moon. It is fine to do that if that's what you have. So that's what I recommend.
There's a reason. I'll explain a little bit of it today and in the future - more - and the reason is this - since there is going to be more co-operation between not only your fellow human beings and you but also between animals and even plants and portions of Mother Earth and you and all others, you need to know how to give the signal that that co-operation is welcome. That's why I want you to practice this. You may in the future ask your fellow human beings for things or you may simply welcome the attention of a pet or even a friend. So welcoming it and saying, "Please come" or "Do this" and so on doesn't always work. People and animals will feel attracted to you if they feel a genuine sense - and it has to be a feeling you see - of being welcome.
So for those of you who are actors or learning to act or honing your skills, these kind of exercises are also useful because they can help you to establish within yourself a feeling that is so apparent that when you are on stage the audience will actually feel it and an audience is much more likely to believe what is going on on stage if their feelings correspond with that which is being emanated - not thrown towards them but felt so strongly by those on the stage that they can feel it even out in the audience with all the other people. That was just a little extra for all you actors and actresses out there.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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