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The Wand Position
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Friday, January 20, 2006

Life Is Its Own Matter - Allow Spirit To Be Spirit And Life To Be Life

On this blog we - and when I say we you might wonder if I'm referring to more than one person - there will be occasionally more than one person so that's why I'm saying we - we will try to accomplish more than one purpose. The main purpose is to provide alternatives by which you can improve the quality of your lives as you know but there is others - one of which is that in the course of improving the quality of your life that you are able to experience more fully moments of things that you used to be able to experience more slowly when life was less complicated.
It is good to attune your skills so you can do more than one thing at once and do that well but there are times when doing only one thing is most benevolent. We all know that when we are sleeping we are in fact doing more than one thing at once. Our body rests and recharges and our conscious self, our souls - also known as our immortal personalities, travel and experience Teachers, Guides and Angels who often teach in allegorical ways - meaning they tell stories in order to understand their teachings.
It is in the course of these stories that our Earth lives are mentioned and other forms of life. Often they compare our Earth lives to other forms of life on Earth or they show us beings - human beings and their lives as they are living them.
You've noticed sometimes when you are dreaming that you will have the experience of seeing the same people in the dream and many times you will have the experience of actually seeing yourself in the dream from a distance. When you are seeing yourself you do not always appear the way you do in real life, in fact you rarely do. You most often appear in a form where you would be younger or in the case of somebody who is now younger say a teenager or a little older you would simply appear in a version of the way you look now - your hair might be different - the clothes you wear might be different. The person you identify as yourself might in fact look slightly different but in the dream they feel very much like they were you.
You might reasonably ask, are your Guides simply showing you a variation of yourself? No, everyone here on Earth now will someday be a Guide to someone else on Earth. It may not be a main Guide so to speak - it may not be someone who is with the person all the time but it will be someone that you learn with by observing and interacting with and because you've had at least this one Earth life you will have, yes some street smarts you might say - some experience because the main Guide - the one that is with the person almost all the time is not very often a person who's had a recent Earth life. They may have had an Earth life but it won't be a recent life because when you've had a recent life sometimes it's difficult for you to only be a Guide. It might get the feelings of getting caught up in the life a little bit and when that happens - usually slightly before it actually happens - you are moved away from the person you are guiding. In this motion away from the person you are guiding you receive lessons in guiding.
You might reasonably assume that then I am stating that we are all training to be Guides but that's not so. We are all learning how to communicate to forms of life that may or may not be physical. We come here and we sleep and we dream and the forms of life that communicate with us when we are dreaming, in other words being taught, are not physical as we know them and when we have our dreams - as we recall them when we wake up which will be superimposed quite promptly over our recollecting system - meaning how we remember, how we imagine - that's why they seem very Earth oriented even though sometimes it doesn't contain factors of Earth - such as you're flying or something like that - then that is part of learning to communicate and be communicated to by the non physical.
So when we consult as a Guide, we are consulting in order to provide Earth wisdom on the basis of our life's experience and also to learn greater wisdom by hearing those we admire and feel good about give advice to another. You've noticed how we all enjoy sitting in on something where someone who is either an expert or someone who's opinion we admire is advising someone else. It is not only enlightening but it is encouraging and even uplifting at times and we enjoy that. This is because of the ongoing training we are getting.
I'm bringing this to your attention today not because I'm trying to complicate your lives but rather because it is important to note that when we do more than one thing at once we are attempting to emulate what we do in our sleep state and in our spiritual life. I feel that the reason multitasking is so popular today is not just because of how much work we have but that we are training in order to bring into our conscious day to day life the skills that we have in our sleep life - in our spiritual life, you see.
I would like to recommend that we do not train all the time, that we have lots of relaxation and that we make an effort to enjoy Earth life as it is meant - meaning to use our senses. I'm not trying to tell you how to live but rather - notice our senses. Are we multitasking at home and feeling uncomfortable all the time. If that's the case then our bodies, which is one of our senses you see, are telling us that this is too much - too much training. It's good to apply multitasking sometimes to see if we can bring the spiritual into the physical but it is also good to be physical, to be on Earth, to live on Earth as a human being. When we are spiritual we will be spiritual and be able to do many things. When we are physical it is alright to be physical and many times just do one thing. That's how we learn the ways of life on Earth.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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