The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Increased Perception Capabilities

In these pages here it is my intent to provide for you insights and wisdom that have been taught to me so as to improve, if you like, the quality of your life. I recognize that many of you have accumulated such knowledge and wisdom as well and I am hopeful that you are passing on your wisdom in your own way and in the way that encourages and allows and I thank you for doing that.
Now today I want to say just a few words about something special. Soon there will be an opportunity. On February eighteenth there will be an opportunity to increase the perceptions of all peoples. It will be a way to expand your perceptions and expand the perceptions of others in the most benevolent way. It will not disturb people who are not prepared for it. What it will do - it will simply allow greater access. This is something that has been prepared by Creator for all of us at this time.
There is something you can do to support the stability of this occurrence. Some of you have participated in various tones and sounds that have helped and supported other endeavors in the past. This is another one and will require just a brief sound on your part if you choose to participate. The sound is very simple - a sound that many of you have made many times either in jest or simply because the sound may have meaning in your culture and this is the sound, "sh" but just a continuation of that sound. Just like the word sh but you continue making the sound for about a minute and a half. I'm saying about a minute and a half because anywhere from about one minute and twenty seven seconds to one minute and thirty three seconds is adequate. I don't expect you to hit it right on the nose.
What this does is it will create a greater stability and comfort. It is a sound that is very supportive to your heart and to the hearts of all beings. It's not intended to be said constantly but if made in that short amount of time, and of course you will breathe during the time you are making it and the allotment of time takes that into account, then it will help to comfort your heart and the hearts of all beings. I say your heart first because you are making the sound and actually it is a sound that is comfortable and supports your heart in general but because other beings will be doing this on this day, and it can be done anytime during your twenty four hour day wherever you live on that calendar day, and be supportive it will with that company doing it all over the world provide greater support for all beings. This is something for human beings but it will also allow and support greater vision for the animals and even to a degree for the plants for we are all visitors and guests here on Planet Earth.
I've been taught that Earth has the capacity to see and when I say see I mean see more than our eyes see. I have been taught many of these things already and I know that it allows for greater perception. I also want to let you know, and I feel you will be reassured and comforted by knowing in advance, that this perception is becoming more and more available for many of you right now.
So when some of you see something out of the corner of your eye and you turn to look at it and it's not there does not mean that it doesn't exist. Some of you might get a quick twinkling of something right in front of you. It won't come in such a time as to disturb you when you're doing something that requires your full attention such as operating a machine or driving but it will happen from time to time. I've been taught that this is the passage of spirit that happens all the time from Creator into our bodies and beyond meant for the support and energizing of life on this planet.
There is more to it than that and I will speak more of that in the future but for right now these few words are just to let you know of this valuable contribution that you can make if you like. There is this awakening going on for many of us. This is but one step that we can do to support it. I am hopeful you will choose to participate.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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