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The Wand Position
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Friday, January 13, 2006

Finding Your Family Of Friends

Nowadays you find that there are unexpected events occurring in your life. It's not unusual to have surprises but there is a greater amount of the unexpected happening on a regular basis and because of this I feel it is vitally important to let you know what's going on.
There is what I would call a sorting out period going on now where people and family's of friends alright, are attempting to find each other and in the course of this attempt what is going on is that what is normally unrevealed - meaning that which you might hold close about your personality - is being prompted by many different factors to be revealed. Sometimes you're embarrassed by this and other times even though you're embarrassed you just feel you have to say how you feel or what you think about something.
Oh granted, there are times when you may go to far like anyone might but there are other times when you are surprised by the reaction of others around you. Many people say, "Yes, you're right" and,"Just what I was thinking" and so on. I'm bringing this to your attention because while it is a good time to make new friends, not just because of occasional outbursts you have as a result of the unexpected but because it is a time when there is a need within us all.
It is as if our hearts and feelings are crying out to be with those who like us for being exactly who we are - with whom we do not need to put on any pretense or a false face in order to be liked or approved of. There are what I would call family's of friends. This is a little different than family's of consciousness where you might have people or beings, you might say in a general sense, who have a similar spiritual agenda or practice that they are seeking to apply or applying in some way.
Family's of friends are different. This is a large group of people. It comprises the bulk of humanity but you are scattered all over the Earth. As a result of this scattering it is not always possible to know who will like you for being exactly who you are so sometimes Creator and creation itself will - not just stir up the pot but will add things to your life alright, and to the lives of people around you not to create disharmony or discomfort but rather - clearly designed to extract from us all displays of our own personality. I want to encourage you now to allow that to take place - oh not to go to extremes and harm yourself or harm another but I feel it's alright to reveal your personality.
Not everyone's going to pat you on the back and say, "Yes, right on" but some people might notice how similar your personality, your statements, your feelings is to their own. I feel it is a time now when family's of friends are attempting to find each other and one of the best ways to encourage that to happen is to reveal your personality. Don't be too shy okay. It's alright if not everyone likes you - there will be those that do and those are the ones that you may wish to make new friends with. I feel it is perfectly alright to want and need to be liked for being exactly who you are and to want and need friends in your life that you like for being exactly who they are because you are attracted to that. I feel that this is happening now in terms of our hearts and souls desires to be with our family of friends.
So be yourself as long as you can do so without being destructive of yourself and others and allow people to see your personality okay - and to that end I'm going to provide you with a Benevolent Magic that will support that. I recommend you say, "I request that I have the strength, the courage and the confidence to reveal my personality in the most benevolent way for me which will allow others to appreciate me for who I am and that this will result in the most benevolent outcome."
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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